In many ways, the criminal narrative writes itself.

But since our country—resplendent, amazing America—is teeming with attention-challenged citizens, January 6th Committee will distill everything down in very digestible, public-facing hearings.

Sedition dragnet will end in RICO charges for TFG & GOP [UPDATED]

I’ve been reporting this out here on CrankyYank and on Twitter since 6 Jan went down, so here are a few people I think will get name-checked. Some might not be immediately familiar, but in about 24 hours, they’ll be plastered in headlines across the country.

In no order, but let’s get Tubby out the way first:

The Former Guy

Way too much to unpack about Casino Mobster and January 6th (held a watch party; pressured lots of folk to crime for him; even tried to steal Pa. ballots) but here’s a little factoid I have my eye on: why did Tubbo fade to the shadows and abdicate his (stolen) leadership position? Was he too busy fomenting violence to work? WTF was he actually doing? This is a critical question that I think we will get an answer to: Pence became de facto president without observing proper procedure or process.

Ginni Thomas

I’d wager most Americans don’t have a freakin’ clue that a spouse of SCOTUS justice is an unrepentant Teabagger. What’s more, Ginni feverishly texted Mark Meadows (more on him in a moment), and even wrote whiny emails to state officials trying to get the election reversed. As I’ve said countless times: if a spouse of a liberal justice did 10% of Ginni’s nonsense Repubs would burn D.C. to ground.

Samuel “Scalito” Alito

Disgraced Newsmax Legal Person Sid Powell name-checked Sam Alito and timid media don’t have cojones to investigate. But 6 Jan Committee, at least so far, has pulled no punches in dragging folks who deserve dragging. Was Alito “in the know” about their scheme, and if so, how was it communicated? SCOTUS’ Jesus Mob wing of disgraced operatives could very well play an outsized role we haven’t considered.

Tony Ornato

“You can’t do that, Tony… you’ll fly [Pence] to Alaska if you have a chance.” I have no insider knowledge here, but Tony Ornato’s name will likely fall from panelists’ lips a LOT. Ditto that Secret Service as an organization, which was compared to La Cosa Nostra by Carol Leonig. Both Ornato & Secret Service will factor heavily in revelations from 6 Jan hearings.

John Eastman

Eastman’s 6-point-plan to ratf*ck democracy is the stuff of legend now. but what about all that Eastman stuff we don’t yet know, that will—to quote Jamie Raskin—”blow the roof off the house”? Crucial cog in the criminal wheel. Eastman’s 15 minutes ain’t over just yet.

Chuck Grassley

I want 6 Jan Committee to pull no punches when it comes to SCOTUS, but perhaps even more so when it comes to sitting congress-critters. Chuck Grassley has a story to tell, which media is so far NOT DEMANDING HE TALK ABOUT. Grassley’s longtime aide, Barbara Ledeen, is skirt-deep in this mishegas, along with gal pal Cleta Mitchell. If the Committee points skis down the mountain and “goes for it” all those folks will go through some things. Why did Chuck Grassley expect Pence not to be in attendance? Grassley is Example No. 1 of why GOP is a disgraced mafia and needs to, finally, collapse under weight of its own corruption.

Fani Willis

In many ways, Georgia is Center of the Universe when it comes to The Big Lie. After all, it was tfg who tried to squeeze our Secretary of State to “find votes.” Lindsey Graham got in on the action, too. As a stand-alone matter Fulton County Special Grand Jury will be breaking a kinds of treason-news… but according to open-source reporting there’s been quite a lot of, erm, *sharing* between 6 Jan Committee at Fani Willis. You’ll hear her name quite a bit, along with Raffensperger and other lower-level Qpubs in Georgia. GA GOP chair David Shafer was a fake elector, for example.

The Kremer Klan

As best I can tell we still don’t know who got that 3rd burner phone. Keep in mind burner phones are usually the stuff of drug dealers and mobsters who prefer not to get snooped on. Amy Kremer, in particular, will probably have her own dedicated segment in the hearings given how “active” she was—and still is—in “Stahp Da Stealz”. Her entire family was involved. Committee will establish is direct links between Amy Kremer and…

Mark Meadows

This fella… hoo boy. DOJ’s had a criminal referral on Mark Meadows for months now, and nobody knows what his current status really is. We will soon find out. Meadows skulked around Georgia; was a hub of mobster activity; and even got busted committing voter fraud in North Carolina. He might be cooperating? But he also might be trying to run out an imaginary clock, thinking Qpublicans winning in November would somehow ameliorate his worry. (Spoiler: it will not.)

Fixed Noise

Uncredited roles happen in movies all the time. Fox so-called News is just such a player: its entire primetime lineup was deeply, profoundly invested in 6 Jan’s outcome behind the scenes. And—SURPRISE!—Fixed Noise won’t be covering the hearings. It would be too awkward for anchor-goons to have to provide color commentary over their own malfeasance… too meta, even for them.

I’ll keep updating my list because I know I didn’t get to like 30 people. These hearings are crucial for a robust democracy to investigate itself, and I’ll be watching and live-tweeting. Watch this space. 🔴

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