Yes, this blog feature’s title is supposed to be funny. And yes, I firmly believe we do some of our best learning while laughing.

But Trump’s fooling MAGA folks into believing he’s a working-class champion is deadly serious—and has real life consequences. A few timeless hypocrisy gems:

Claim: “Goldman Sachs has total control over Hillary Clinton.” Fact: Trump has hired multiple Goldman executives to run his administration, and signed a tax bill shifting vast amounts of wealth to companies and the top 1%.

Claim: “I won’t have time to play golf, believe me.” Fact: As of January 2018 Trump has spent 91 days playing golf at a cost to taxpayers of nearly $50 million.

Claim: “I’ll rarely leave the White House; I won’t take time off.” Fact: Donald doesn’t arrive to work until 11 a.m. each morning and has earmarked time for watching TV and tweeting.

This important MAGAH! project is just like testimony on Trump Regrets‘ twitter feed—only with original reporting by me. And interviews with you, past Trump supporter, who’ve thankfully seen the light.

Your voice matters. Make your opinion count so that we never make this error in judgment again.

I’ll post each interview separately under this heading, so watch for it here. Please reach out to me: my Twitter DMs are open, or you can e-mail me here. I also have secure contact options here. Let’s get #MAGAH trending! 🔵

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