Not hyperbole: this is the most important election of our lifetimes.

Republicans are engaging in overt voter suppression and intimidation all over the country—we have to be bigger, stronger and more agile than them. Folks who rely on scared, ill-informed voters to tune out and stay home are exactly who we need to defeat at the ballot box in November.

To that end this page of voting resources will be up and live from now on, updated with new links and quotes.

Latest news:

• High rate of absentee ballots tossed out in Gwinnett Co., Ga. (15 Oct)
• Voter registration extended in 4 GA counties due to hurricane (15 Oct)

Here’s what you can do to make SURE your vote is counted:

Early & Absentee Voting

✅ Find out how your state handles both at National Council of State Legislators

Check Your Registration

✅ Voters across the country are getting summarily thrown off the rolls; check your registration regularly until Election Day

GA Residents: Check Greg Palast’s Database

✅ More than 53,000 voters have been thrown off the rolls by Brian Kemp—GA gubernatorial candidate and election referee as Secretary of State. Voting advocate Greg Palast has gained access to the purge list and has created a database where you can check your registration. (link)

Review Your Ballot

✅ Ballots are long and confusing; you’ll likely not recognize some of the candidates and proposals. Find your regional ballot with BallotPedia

Elevate Your Research

✅ In addition to Greg Palast there are amazing citizen journalists cracking open stories that mainstream news will not touch

  • Jay McKenzie—Oligarch dark money
  • Jenny Cohn—Voting infrastructure
  • Marilyn Marks—Election integrity
  • Wendy Siegelman—Incredible investigative journo
  • Greg Olear—Trump Russia scandal

Call to Confirm

✅ Local-elections officials *work for you* so call them to verify receipt of absentee ballots and to check and re-check voter registrations. If you have a friend or family member who needs help offer to make the call on their behalf. I called and went online to confirm and it took me less than 10 minutes! Here’s a twitter thread to help you:

Volunteer & Donate


Build the Wave

Swing Left

Bold Progressives

Let America Vote

Vote Smart

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