It’s the cost of doing business, right?

Actually, it’s the cost to U.S. taxpayers who pay the tab of a disgraced businessman running the country.

TrumpTicker™ is a rolling, updated clock that calculates, in semi-real time, how much money the Trump family is costing taxpayers. The calculation includes: trips to Mar-a-Lago; accommodations at Trump Tower; related Secret Service expenditures; and other miscellaneous items.


Coast Guard—an agency threatened with massive budget cuts—to close Potomac River while Trump is golfing (The Hill, 17 July)
State Department plunks down $15,000+ for rooms at Trump’s new Vancouver Hotel (WaPo, 13 July)
• U.S. Military’s Space in Trump Tower Costs $130,000 a Month (WSJ, 19 July)


Secret Service costs for Trump family mount (CBS News, 14 April)
Trump retreats to Mar-a-Lago but at what cost? (Tampa Bay Times14 April)
Donald & Melania fly in separate taxpayer-funded planes (Queerty, 14 April)

We need your help! If you’re a journalist and/or a technologist interested in joining the TrumpTicker project, please e-mail Will or DM on Twitter.

Bookmark and check back in the coming days. For late-breaking updates, follow TrumpTicker manager and CrankyYank blogger Will Pollock on Twitter.  🔵

TrumpTicker™ is curated by freelance multimedia journalist Will Pollock and IT professional Rob O’Connor. If you’d like to join the effort, please send us an e-mail.



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