It’s the cost of doing business, right?

Actually, it’s the cost to U.S. taxpayers who pay the tab of a disgraced businessman running the country.

TrumpTicker™ is a rolling, updated clock that calculates, in semi-real time, how much money the Trump family is costing taxpayers. The calculation includes: trips to Mar-a-Lago; accommodations at Trump Tower; related Secret Service expenditures; and other miscellaneous items.

Please jump over and visit Sophie at for a rolling total—even though there are incidental costs that don’t factor in the total.


Coast Guard—an agency threatened with massive budget cuts—to close Potomac River while Trump is golfing (The Hill, 17 July)
State Department plunks down $15,000+ for rooms at Trump’s new Vancouver Hotel (WaPo, 13 July)
• U.S. Military’s Space in Trump Tower Costs $130,000 a Month (WSJ, 19 July)


Secret Service costs for Trump family mount (CBS News, 14 April)
Trump retreats to Mar-a-Lago but at what cost? (Tampa Bay Times14 April)
Donald & Melania fly in separate taxpayer-funded planes (Queerty, 14 April)

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