“Don’t change your avatar—change your senator.” — Janie


I enjoy writing books, blogs and articles that are inherently a dare. A dare to be curious, to excel, to give back and to challenge orthodoxy.

Pizza for Good is definitely in that vein, as is its sister effort, ARTvision Atlanta. Both are a way to reach for something a little bit more in life—where you can find ways to expand your day-to-day routine to make life a little bit better for someone else.

I’m excited to announce that ARTvision—which returns this year for its 10th anniversary with “Palladium: Design of a Decade”—has a new beneficiary: Lost-n-Found Youth. LNFY works tirelessly to bring LGBTQ+ kids off the street and find them new, more permanent homes. The agency is looking to open a brand-new center in midtown Atlanta, so our work to support them is even bigger and more important than ever.

Over nine years and through ARTvision and PFG-related events, we’ve raised more than $60,000 for multiple charities. And we’re just getting started!



What’s clear about today’s television game: what’s old is new again. Twin Peaks will make its return on Showtime; “The Comeback” made a second comeback on HBO; and ABC is now reviving some of its best game shows for a game-night bloc that is sure to draw huge audiences.

These are shows from my youth: Match Game, which featured the likes of Charles Nelson Reilly, who was as gay as the day is long—way before it was fashionable. (I don’t count Family Feud since a new iteration has been running for a while now.) What most excites me is 100,000 Pyramid, which is a show that’s seen its fair share of makeovers since Dick Clark made it famous back in the 70s and 80s.

I used to drag my friends in front of the TV to play along with Pyramid, which was always super fun and very hard. We rarely won and it showed that the game is much harder than it looks.

Lots of celebrity cameos, including Rosie O’Donnell, Martha Stewart, Horatio Sans and many others. Here is a classic Charles Nelson Reilly, one of my absolute faves, from the original series. Now that’s how it’s done.


Copy of Copy of START-2

Lots of breaking news hit the wires today, so let’s get to it. Democrats in the House of Representatives conducted a sit-in led by Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) to protest the lack of votes on gun control (see “Disruptors” below); the “occupation” continues as of this writing (USAToday)… An Army Specialist’s reaction to “men don’t go to baby showers” will restore your faith in masculinity (Imgur)… Boston Dynamics created a robot giraffe and it’s fully awesome (The Verge).


Copy of Copy of START-4

“We’re calling on the leadership of the House to bring common sense gun control legislation to the House floor. Let us vote. We came here to do our job. We came here to work.” John Lewis is our Disruptor of the Week—which is a continuation of his activism, dating back to Selma and the protests with Martin Luther King, Jr. The issue of gun control has a much brighter spotlight on it because of his actions.



Coming soon!

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