With Coronavirus spreading globally in an election year—most important in American history—we have to make quadruplely sure everyone’s voting rights are protected.

Election decisions and laws are a hodgepodge of wacky federal and state statutes so make sure your registration is active and you’re armed with information. Vote.org has some crucial voter-support information that includes late-breaking state-based updates on how COVID-19 has affected your primary.

With news Georgia postponed its Democratic primary I just requested an absentee ballot; follow this link for information how to do the same in your state. I’ve also embedded the application below to make it super-fast and easy.

GOP is engaged in rampant election fraud, voter purges and other criminal behavior so we have to be bigger and bolder than Coronavirus, Russiapublicans and whatever hostile foreign powers are trying to sabotage our elections as I type. Please share this page with your friends and neighbors!