I really appreciate our British brothers and sisters across the pond. They are a gentile and refined people with a culture I envy. They are polite, honest, earnest and real.

But when it comes to the Iraq invasion in 2003, the United Kingdom’s leadership was just as wrong as George W. Bush’s.

The long-awaited Chilcot Report, headed by respected public servant Sir John Chilcot, paints an ugly picture of Tony Blair’s willingness to give Bush what he wanted. 

There are people in our government who would go over the Iraq falls in a barrel again and again if given the chance. We must make sure they never get that chance.

[this post will be continued at a later date]

Writer’s note: I had surgery today on my broken pinky, so typing is not an option right now. 

I wanted to get this little snippet out there with the promise that I’ll finish it as soon as I can. 

I was adamantly opposed to the Iraq invasion. Not because I’m a pacifist, but because I saw Bush and his cronies as the opportunists they were and are. To call Iraq the biggest blunder in American history would be an insult to making mistakes. 

After all, a mistake implies some semblance of goodwill or honesty. This was not that.

I really wanted to finish this but it’ll have to be at a later date. thanks for your understanding. 

Next week I’ll be sending postcards from Europe. stay tuned for more Crankies. 

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