A functioning democracy relies on an involved citizenry.

That statement holds true no matter which man, woman or political party holds the reins  of the United States as president.

But it’s even more true when the leader of America is dangerously, manically, provably unfit to serve in this esteemed capacity.

Compounding this dynamic is a political party that has and will reflexively enable Donald Trump’s disfunction in order to enact a radical agenda.

Everyone must be involved in our political process—however flawed it may be.

I’ve added the tagline “Resistance is Crucial” to CrankyYank because it’ll be woven through my posts each week.

(Yes, it’s a play on the Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation.)

Every week, I speak the truth. News and culture with an edge. I cover stories from all over, in all subjects. If you want to contribute as a guest blogger or you have a story tip, yell at me.

But in this case, Resistance—letter writing, protesting, marching, showing up at town halls, calling your members of congress—really is Crucial. And it works.

This serves as your ongoing reminder that everyone must be involved in our political process, however flawed it is.

Resistance is crucial. Stand up and be heard. ❏

Will Pollocksideways is an Atlanta-based freelance multimedia journalist focusing on pop-culture, politics, journalism & media, retail, real estate, travel, politics, and human interest. 

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