The typical life span of a dress shirt is 2-3 years—but a lie is forever.

Donald Trump and the White House’s latest bullcrap marketing stunt called “Made in America Week” is brought to you by a “successful businessman” who outsourced his own product manufacturing to far flung places—countries that he regularly denigrated on the campaign trail. China and Mexico, just to name two that regularly received his false scorn.

Thanks to the exceptional reporting of the Washington Post’s Michelle Ye Hee Lee, we have a full breakdown of how cheap Trump crap is SO not made in America. Even though The Donald could do anything and his cult followers would remain loyal (see Jonathan Chait’s “Fifth Avenue Principle“) we fact- and carbon-based life forms know better.

Let’s look at a few categories, shall we?

  • Hotel bath products. How would you feel about using Trump-hotel-logoed mouthwash and other personal-use items from China? According to WaPo, this is a thing: “Shampoo, body wash, moisturizers, shower caps, laundry bags, show bags, pet collars, pet leashes and bath towels at Trump hotels are all listed as made in China.” The only pictures I could find on the internet machine showed the crap made in Canada.


  • Shirts of unknown origin. His elegant, patriotic, “hell yeah!” USA-made shirts are completely not that, passing through more countries than a transcontinental hooker. “Manufacturing information online is not always reliable — for example, a photo of one shirt shows a ‘Made in Bangladesh’ label, but the item description says it was made in China. This may be a reflection of the different countries that products sometimes pass through before they are ultimately shipped into the United States.” OK then.
  • Trump Cologne. The scent that “repulses women in time to stop a sexual assault” is reportedly made in America. I just wanted to be able to write that one line, even though “Success by Trump” escapes scorn for now.
  • Those are just three examples. Despite some hats snapped on social media showing Made in China labels, Snopes tells me that they are, in fact, made in the USA. You’ll forgive me for being skeptical.

Michelle says it way better than I could: “Trump’s practice as a businessman is not consistent with his current rhetoric against trade as a presidential nominee — this vulnerability is backed with more than enough factual evidence.”

My take: If The Donald is as disgustingly rich as he says he is, he could have started and forged an American resurgence in manufacturing. You’re that rich, aren’t you Donald? But no, he chose the cheap route instead.

Don’t lecture me about how “America Proud” Trump is. He’ll always looking for his next outsourcing gig. 🔵

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