outsize training space at L.A. Fitness/Ansley

Lots of things make me cranky. Cell phones at salad bars. Phone-nosers. Lousy scripted TV and films.

My latest irritant: a recent remodel at Ansley L.A. Fitness, complete with new flooring, lighting and other finishes. You’d think closing down the facility for a week and spending many thousands of dollars to improve the joint would make it better, right?

You’d think so. But you’d be wrong.

I recently sent this letter to L.A. Fitness corporate when the front desk told me there was nothing they could do to address my concerns. (We’ll set aside how local management has no control over how their gym looks.) Have a look and please let me know in the comments if your local LAF is doing the same thing by you.

Writing to you as a frustrated patron of your Ansley Mall location in midtown Atlanta. You recently renovated the space, which was long overdue, ‹but in doing so you changed the facility’s make-up and somehow made it worse. When I went to voice my complaints to local management they told me “hey, we can’t do anything. you need to write to corporate.” so before you tell me to take it up with them, I’m doing as they instructed. In order of annoyance:
  1. Personal training space. Why in the world is this area so large? in making this space so expansive you’ve caused the rest of the facility to get bunched up. Machines and cardio are all on top of each other—just today someone stepped on my toe while I was working out on a bench. Did you make this switch to make the training area a better profit center for you? Because you’re penalizing those of us who are just fine working out on our own. Supremely lame.
  2. Stretching area. Because you decided to expand the personal training area, you’ve cut down the space to conveniently stretch on a mat. there’s now *one mat* for the entire facility, and that’s just downright inexcusable. I can’t ever find an open, suitable spot to stretch, which is of course related to what you did with personal training.
  3. Men’s bathroom. Why would you close down the facility for a full remodel and not redo the men’s bathroom area? it’s still a pretty embarrassing and seedy space to use when nature calls. That decision to omit that area is weird.
  4. Free weights. Organization of free weights makes absolutely no sense. They’re spread out in odd formation with commonly used mid-range weights at opposite ends of the rack. This arrangement should be changed so that the mid-range weights are more easily accessible and the weight area is easier to use.
I’ll post an update if and when I hear back from corporate. Again: if you’ve experienced similar things—or if you have opinions about the Ansley location, agree or disagree—let me know in the comments. If they’re good I’ll add them to the post. 🔵

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