My recent trip to Charlottesville was a reminder not to allow forces of hate to alter our march to justice and progress.

The home of University of Virginia became a flashpoint this past summer when a group of white supremacists marched on the city protesting the removal of confederate monuments.

Fourth street—the location where Heather Heyer was murdered by a neo nazi (I will not name him in this space) who rammed her with his vehicle—has been dedicated in her honor with a permanent sign marker. I decided to walk down there and shoot some pictures of her street sign, and shoot the covered statue of Robert E. Lee at Emancipation Park.

The Charlottesville city council voted in August to “shroud” the statue until the final decision is made as to the statues’ removal. The meeting was raucous to say the least.

Jump over to my SmugMug album with images of the street and the statue. Remembering these nasty events of 2017 will help us not repeat them in 2018 and beyond. 🔵


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