“Dems are outsmarting themselves on impeachment” said CNN in April; not to be outdone New York Times said “impeachment could endanger vulnerable Dems in red districts.”

Sure, Jan.

Common trope around national media had been “oh jeez Red State Dems will be vulnerable; we just won those seats and want to keep them!”

Idea is bollocks. Here’s just one example: Rep. Katie Porter—rising Dem star from a previously red Orange County district who made a name for herself cross-examining sleepy know-nothing Ben Carson—was attacked relentlessly by GOP’s MAGA cult for endorsing impeachment. How’d that turn out?

Porter was *rewarded* for her leadership with “massive” fundraising numbers, which contradicts all earlier hand-wringing about what impeachment would do to Dems as a caucus. There are myriad other examples of Democrats going gangbusters with fundraising.

Polling spikes in wake of Speaker Pelosi’s announcement

Fundraising is only part of the story. In a speech that will be taught in history classes for generations, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-CA) announced the House was opening a formal impeachment effort. If media scolds were to be believed back in the spring, Dems should be headed to certain defeat and should be careful not to overstep.

Conventional political wisdom has long held that public opinion might take a dim view of impeachment, a key reason that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi resisted launching it. (NY Daily News)

As I predicted in May, just the opposite has happened: leadership on impeachment (I firmly believe bold leadership on *any* issue) has been handsomely rewarded. In one CBS News poll fully 23% of Republicans have seen enough and support impeachment. HuffPost has a pretty good breakdown on Americans’ opinions on this solemn constitutional duty.

House Democratic impeachment effort piercing through GOP cult-bubble on Fixed Noise, Breitbart & Infowars is remarkable on its face. Just goes to show that bold leadership can move opinion—and mountains. 🇨

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