So many bombshells, so little time.

When donald trump’s transnational criminal mafia creates a scandal it shoots off 16 poisonous tendrils of separate-but-related scandals. Such is the case with Brooklyn Mob Louis DeJoy and his ongoing USPS sabotage. Here’s a quick timeline:

  • 20 Aug 2020: Steve Bannon is yanked off Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui’s yacht and arrested by U.S. postal service federal police
  • 24 Aug: DeJoy “testi-lies” to congress promising to stop sabotaging USPS
  • 25 Aug: DeJoy issues stand-down order to USPS federal police, same force that arrested Bannon
  • from end of August to today: tons of bonkers rhetoric from donald and his MAGAs about how mail-in ballots are fraudulent, which is not-so-tacit call-to-action
  • Sept-Oct 2020: swing-states are reporting dramatic USPS-delivery delays, which again is obviously intentional ratf*cking

Wild West of mail delivery

What DeJoy’s order does is leave exposed mail carriers and letters/packages/bills/medicine and yes BALLOTS that the post office is trying to deliver to Americans. Anything trump says publicly activates his terror cells, foreign and domestic, to defend his “honor.” While California GOP placed fake ballot dropboxes that a court ordered them to stop doing, there was an arson attack on a legitimate ballot box, also in California. My sources and I agree that this is all part of the same criminal operation.

Just one week ago CA GOP refused to comply with the court order because—again for the bleachers—they’re all parts of the same transnational mafia and owned by Russia.

What media is NOT reporting is that DeJoy’s stand-down order basically invites crimes and malfeasance since he’s eliminated federal protection of mail operation and limited it to protecting properties only. As always DeJoy’s order has thin veneer of legitimacy to paper-over *actual* purpose of any given order.

Watch what they do

What’s clear to me and my sources is that trump and his soldiers will do literally ANYTHING to steal this election. Anything. Even though 4 nutbag-SCOTUS judges (who let’s face it are just shitty political operatives) would have allowed Pennsylvania to reject ballots that arrived after election day and, based on a tie, Justice Roberts sided with 3 liberals and allowed lower-court ruling stand. (Trump & MAGAs are desperate to steal state electors in Pennsylvania.) So for now, Pa. ballots arriving 3 days following election day can be counted.

But don’t hang your hat on that.

My intel source nudged me with the following scenario: fake-POTUS* donald trump declares national holiday for those three days after election day, thereby forcing postal workers—in states which agree to observe—off the job.

No postal workers, no ballots counted.

Of course DeJoy would have to agree to this scheme making postal workers non-essential, but hasn’t he behaved as loyal task gopher thus far?

USPS federal-officer beat

My source also points out how those officers DeJoy ordered to stand down predominantly work in urban areas, which will disproportionally put at risk Democratic areas and voters-of-color. Bright-blue cities in swing states are being put at risk, intentionally, to keep Biden from flipping a state like Georgia, for example. Don’t forget that *someone* quietly changed Atlanta’s Postmaster—likely specifically to gum up Atlanta’s bright-blue voting bloc.

Weird how ratf*cking USPS has spokespeople running for exits [UPDATED]

Their plan has always been—accidental or intentional—to flood the zone with felonies so our justice system can’t keep up. And now that they’re attempting to ram through fashion blogger and bible-chucking nutbag Amy Barrett to SCOTUS their play is to select specific judges who’ll ultimately deem their own crimes very legal and very cool.

I’ll update as events warrant. Meantime, stay frosty. What’s your voting plan? Circumvent USPS for now and make sure to find LEGITIMATE dropboxes and track your ballot to the end. More resources on my Voter Help page. 📪

(Banner-image credit: Donkey Hotey on Flickr)

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