tRUmp REALLY IS dumb enough to think mail-in voting is the same as ballot dropboxes.

But hey, ANYTHING that facilitates voting is BAD for today’s republican nutbags. And that’s what this post is about.

Trump’s GOP is tenaciously idiotic and scared shitless—which is of course a terrible combination. Suing to remove ballot drop-boxes is the TELL in their criminal voter-suppression scheme.

Did we need more proof? Nah, not really. Do we need to call these crimes out at every turn? Uh, yeah.

Golly why so hysterical about Pennsylvania?

Anyone with a pulse knows Pennsylvania is a crucial swing-state. Tangerine Nixon probably can’t win without manufacturing another Pa win, so…

To summarize this mentally challenged logic line: “we get to claim voter fraud with ZERO evidence because peaches.” That logic also included “courts of law are based on evidence but it’s outside judge’s purview to ask for proof.” The judge in question is a tRUmp appointee, by the way.

Other GOP-state parties want IN on the fun!

Pay no attention to Reuters’ “both sides” headline entitled “Ballot boxes are the new controversy!” But the piece does contain a useful roundup of other state MAGA-cult parties pulling similar shit:

  • TN GOP parroting donald with “oh jeez ballot boxes could entice illegals!”
  • In true GOP fashion Missouri wasted taxpayer cash on 80 ballot boxes but now says “law states we can’t use them”
  • Only PA GOP would waste time and money suing *itself* for permissible ballot-box practice (seriously they control both chambers)
  • Ohio GOP is strangling drop-boxes in the bathtub by saying “nah we only need 1 per county” which is of course nonsense

Malfeasance is occurring elsewhere but those are lowlights of swing-state mishegas perpetrated by GOP and donald’s campaign.

If it helps progressive Democrats then GOP thugs want it blown up. And yes it’s that simple.

I’ll update this post with additional breaking news. For now, don’t discuss destruction of USPS *without* ballot drop-box sabotage because it’s all the same operation. 📪

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