Bill Maher has made the hashtag “#WhinyLittleBitch” a cornerstone of his election coverage, but honest question: which politician is he talking about? Donald Trump, or someone else? Is there more than one “whiny bitch” in this election? Let’s dive in.

Maher has seemed to be agnostic on the Democratic side of the race, but let’s put that to rest right now.

“I know many of you are suffering from Clinton fatigue,” he said. “and if you are, ask your doctor if Bernie Sanders is right for you.”

He added: “Bernie is backstage right now getting his hair undone.” great line.

Bill got the audience to repeat after him “Donald Trump is a whiny little bitch.”

Deeper in the monologue, he talked about 400 writers who signed a petition denouncing Trump for the Orange-faced Satan that he is.

The future of our country is at stake. It’s even more important than ever that there is a united front against him. He’s no dummy: Donald Trump knows how to play people off of each other, and he knows how to always cast himself as the victim. Nobody knows how well he’ll do with the broader electorate; I’m still skeptical that something won’t derail him head of the GOP convention or further along in November.

So it’s with great agita that I say: the Bernie Sanders campaign is the other whiny bitch in this election.

Early on this year, I remained agnostic on the progressive side. I leaned to Clinton, but I was open to all arguments and discussions—despite being blocked and unfollowed by Bernie folks. (I’ve done the same on my end to a far lesser degree.) Between crying victim of an “establishment” under which flag he’s running—going so far as to object to rules committee co-chairman, both of whom are popular Dems—I’m just kinda done.

Will I block or mute or unfollow Bernie folks? No. But if you’re actively working to break down Hillary Clinton to make Bernie Sanders seem more viable, you’re only doing the opposite of that which you seek.

Anyway, back to the monologue.

“Donald Trump says Hispanics love him. I don’t know about that. there’s sort of rioting now. there was a fundraiser in San Diego and the illegals in the kitchen had to send out for more spit.”

Sit-down: Sen. Bernie Sanders (D.-Vt.)
On the purported debate with Donald Trump: “Trump claims to be a tough guy. Hey Donald, let’s have a debate about the future of America.” Don’t hold your breath on that. He’s just playing you like he’s playing the country.

Maher mentioned the polls Bernie v. Trump. “400 super delegates chose Sec. Clinton before the contest even started.”

Maher: “What is the right strategy to run against Donald Trump? Obviously Hillary Clinton doesn’t have it. what is your strategy?”

The above video is from a Super PAC supporting Clinton, but make no mistake—that statement about Hillary Clinton “not having it” it utter horsecrap.

“We are proud, deep down, about our country’s diversity.”

“And some of them marry Donald Trump,” Maher said.

“Capitalism works for most things, but some things should be off limits to the profit motive: Healthcare. Prisons. Covering the elections and elections themselves.”

Bernie goes on to make the same case against Trump that Hillary has been making all along. “The ideas he has are absurd.”

Maher makes an important distinction about “modern” socialism, which cannot be overstated: “Capitalism works for most things, but some things should be off limits to the profit motive: Healthcare. Prisons. Covering the elections and elections themselves.”

Final proof that this was a softball interview: no mention of the inflammatory letter the Sanders campaign sent to oust the rules committee chairmen (which ultimately failed, according to the AP). No mention of the lawsuit in California about trying to get registration extended—filed with a ultra-right-wing political party.

The Panel: Melissa Harris-Perry, Michael Moynihan & Wayne Allyn Root
Not feeling the “flawless” t-shirt that MHP is wearing. Why overstate the obvious? It may be a dig at Donald Trump, but still. Let your ideas do the talking.

The panel discussion kicks off with Trump’s incoherent energy policy in which he called for the cancelation of the Paris Accord. 

“Stupid people need to be told they’re stupid.” truth from Bill Maher. Apparently Donald Trump made a statement about how “hairspray used to be great” until it was proven to affect the ozone layer.

The first presidency where policy is based on “what Donald Trump hears at the beauty salon?” Let’s hope not. Sweet Jesus, let’s hope not.

In researching and writing this recap, I stumbled over a Twitter thread that you absolutely must read. Here’s a link:

The panel has gone off the rails and it’s nearly impossible to distill something that is blowing up with misstatements and outright lies. I point you to this tweet from last year that deals with Wayne Allen Root, Trump and their dangerous ilk of government-haters.

Final panel point: President Obama visiting Hiroshima and how just his visit is, in and of itself, an apologetic act of contrition. Wholly appropriate, too, I might add.

You can’t appease someone like Root, who is just focused on spewing rabidly false talking points that suit his candidate and his supporters.

New Rules

Finally someone taking Gate Lice to task… I mean, other than me like all the time. It’s an important travel scourge and you should familiarize yourself with it and post to social media so people are shamed in to stopping.

Bill then spiraled in to a future-think university address that isn’t worth covering. All you need to know is that he dressed up in a graduation space suit and yelled a lot from a futuristic podium.

That’s a wrap guys. Next week I’ll be looking forward to Neil deGrasse Tyson who’ll be on the panel.



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