King Donald IV forces GOP to own hypocrisy forever [UPDATED]

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In May 2019 I proudly and loudly (and correctly; so I thought) called out glaring GOP hypocrisy.

Turns out ‘hypocrisy’ is a symptom of an even greater danger to our republic, so I’m officially correcting the record here.

Fanned by right-wing lunatic media types like Fixed Noise—along with normalizing engines in newsrooms across the country, like New York Times, CBS News and others—GOP has completed its transformation from grumpy grandpa who mutters about limited government to full-on Apartheid-level white supremacy.

Those who seek unfettered (in some cases, criminal) domination have no faculty for shame. This was laid bare by David Nir on Twitter (signal-boosting Bloomberg writer Francis Wilkinson), which caused me to rethink the entire premise of my post.

Instead of rewriting or updating that piece, I’m laying a new marker down here.

One hallmark of authoritarian politics, in addition to an adversarial relationship with the truth, is ignoring the law as it applies to party interests while deploying it as a weapon against political opponents. For example, party politicians might ignore lawful subpoenas intended to expose their corruption while subsequently using subpoenas of their own to construct a phony case of wrongdoing by opponents
This is the stuff of Hungary and Russia, as Wilkinson points out. “It’s only illegal if Dems do it” is a joke I tell a lot on Twitter but it’s actually what republicans are doing. And of personal importance to me: America’s news media is fully ill-equipped to elucidate this dynamic without portraying it as ho-hum “both sides” infighting.

Because neither the news media nor the nation’s larger political culture has reckoned with the GOP’s authoritarian evolution, the habitual response is to mislabel GOP authoritarianism as hypocrisy. Calling out hypocrisy is a pointless shaming mechanism for a party that has broken free of shame. Worse, it camouflages a war on democracy as democratic politics as usual.

Wilkinson concludes his piece with an ominous and correct warning. “An authoritarian summer is coming,” he writes. “It will be followed by an election shaped by pandemic, demagogy and Russian sabotage. Democrats will have to be deft to prevent further destruction of democracy, or a long authoritarian winter awaits.”
We’ve actually been in the throes of authoritarianism since January 2017, made exponentially worse by feedback loop between Fixed Noise/Infowars/Breitbart & donald. This nation’s pretend-attorney general just ordered a crackdown on protestors to soothe donald’s ego. With crises mounting and approval sinking Tangerine Nixon’s behavior will only get worse. 🔴

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