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“Imperial President” was just one of the playful nicknames his opponents gave former president Obama. “He’s a dictator!” they said; an “emperor!” “He bloviates!” said another famous half-term governor.

If you’re wondering how those folks are feeling now, come sit by me.

When President Obama signed executive orders—protecting LGBT Americans and immigrants, for starters—it was because Congress couldn’t figure out how to pass laws. At least in spirit and function, EOs are the fail-safe lever you pull for those critical social or economic conundrums that can’t be solved through legislation.


Per Steve Benen via Maddow Blog (a Trusted Newser below), our last few Congressional sessions have seen record-low productivity level… logically increasing the need for executive action. From Steve’s post about the last session:

There’s still a chance this Congress will be the least productive in modern history, and even if it manages to avoid the record, it’s on track to be among the worst.


Which brings me back to Donald Trump being a hoarder of Executive Orders. Per USA Today, Orangina Thinskin has issued 20 EOs (and counting)—a record in the modern era. Republicans, since it’s one of theirs, have somehow fallen silent on this overreach. Which is hypocrisy in its purest form: our “side” has the only legitimate pen in politics.


Here’s the other problem: Barack Obama’s EOs focused on increasing freedoms and equality, not taking them away. It’s what our framers called our search of a “more perfect union.” Trump’s orders are a radical, dangerous departure and no doubt all our constitutional signatories are spinning concurrently in their graves.

But hey, Hillary sent some e-mails that one time.

People decry “activist judges!” only when they don’t agree with a ruling. But if a ruling, no matter how unconstitutional or illegal, fits in with that same person’s belief system—all good, man. It’s a blatantly obvious inconsistency that doesn’t deter them from getting what they want.

Trump has turned the fail-safe system of EOs into a blaring beacon of American hypocrisy.

UPDATE: Bill Maher put this subject to the panel on Real Time and the responses were great. “President Game Show Host has his own schtick.” True statement.



Much like Adele’s video did for her Grammy-nominated “Hello,” Cold War Kids have produced a video that not only matches the songwriting—it elevates it to another level. Directed by Phillip Lopez and shot in downtown Los Angeles, “Love is Mystical” is choreographed with the same pace of the song’s driving piano featuring a spectrum of races, genders and sexual orientations—which is a true reflection of America.

The song is a brooding, mysterious anthem for the unknown motivators of love and attraction. Kudos specifically to the set designer, who managed to capture the frenetic grit and grime that punctuates some sections of Los Angeles.

The Kids’ next record, “L.A. Divine,” is due out on 7 April. (iTunes)


Copy of Copy of START-2

coffee-cup-working-happyA stellar group of coffee houses and bake shops in Atlanta will be donating this weekend’s proceeds to the ACLU—part of a nationwide fund-raising effort across the country (Eater Atlanta)… Chicago’s Tronc (formerly Tribune Co.) is phoning in its ethics program (Robert Feder)… Trump is taking the regional-theatre comedy show of Religious Freedom and taking it on a nationwide tour (The Nation)… Some tips on how to resist an authoritarian regime—especially when both houses of Congress are Dear Leader’s willing minions (Melody Rowell)… My ad partner Brian Willis @ The Foraging Squirrel has a post up about my book, Pizza for Good—jump over and check it out! He has a new website and blog, too… If you aren’t watching Full Frontal with Samantha Bee you’re not getting educated and informed properly; her latest episode showcased “freedom nerd” lawyers working pro bono for people caught up in Trump’s outlandish and hateful rulings. (YouTube)



Remember: life is short and you never know when time with loved ones will end.



New Yorkers get a bad rap. Like, all the time. Our sports teams, the natives, the drivers. We all get harshed on… but every once in a while a story breaks through that shows who we really are.

Manhattan Subway riders entered a car one fine morning and found a swastika painted next to a sentence that read, “Jews belong in the oven.” Within about five minutes, the post read, the group of Subway riders found a way to remove the writing.

It was an amazing show of love on public transport—a location notorious for people going about their business in silence.


That’s a wrap guys. We’ll see you right back here next Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m.

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