I’ve been reporting in this space for months about the terrible actions by Facebook and its partners—here, here and here. After noodling the issue for a bit and consultation with trusted peeps, here’s my plan:

  • Delete FB’s mobile app permanently
  • Leave Messenger; also delete mobile app
  • Dramatically reduce Instagram usage (already done)
  • Monitor WhatsApp news and take action where needed
  • Unpublish all FB pages I manage (save for Weedon Center)

That last bullet is probably most important, because I’m constantly and incessantly lobbied by FB to “boost this post” in order to reach more people. “Promote your button for more clicks!” they’ll plead, even showing me a preview of what the ad would look like.

“Spend your money here!”

I’ll no longer depend on a corrupted system to augment my message.

This scheme is how they make money from individual people: by requiring indie authors, artists, publishers and content creators to pay for views, clicks and interactions. I used to engage this system when I was particularly proud of a post and wanted it to be seen by a wider audience. Not anymore. No, thank you.

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In that sense, yes, I’m Deleting Facebook. Because they won’t get another dime from me, nor will they be able to ask me about it again. I’ll retain my personal “FB Objector” account only so I can remain connected to people I care about and share the latest disgusting things FB has done.

When congress forces Zuckerberg and Facebook to answer the question “what did you know and when,” it’ll be an ugly day for the social-media giant indeed.

Facebook has gotten too big for its britches, true. But more importantly, they’re not acting like a good global citizen. I’ll no longer depend on a corrupted system to augment my message.

For the record: Twitter is on notice as well. During Election 2016 Russian bots “weaponized” the microblogging site and are still wreaking havoc on many hot-button issues. If Twitter elects to follow Zuckerberg’s convoluted, constantly changing path I’ll take action there, too.

In the meantime I’ll be looking for an independent promotion agency, individual PR person or another marketing guru to help signal-boost what I’m doing. If you have a suggestion on that, please let me know. I have a lot of exciting things coming down the pike but will not rely on FB to promote them. 😡

Writer’s note: Here are some ways to keep in touch with me off-Facebook:



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