He sent the state of Georgia’s voter information to Trump & Kris Kobach’s voter suppression & criminality integrity commission. He’s a Trump fan-boy. He’s also running to be Georgia’s next governor, slated for a nutjob GOP runoff with equally terrible Casey Cagle on 24 July.

His name is Brian Kemp, and his mug just popped up in an investigation into Russian interference during 2016’s election. From the CBS46 Atlanta report:

Why is Georgia’s secretary of state and Republican candidate for governor in this 253 page congressional house report on Russian influence and cyber activity against the U.S?…


It’s part of finding that communication between the Department of Homeland Security and state election officials broke down because of state officials’ mistrust of the Obama administration. The clearest example DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson gave was Secretary of State Brian Kemp and Kemp’s December 2016 letter. In it, Kemp accuses the DHS of attempting to “breach our firewall”.

Kemp, like Mitch “Underwater Turtle” McConnell nationally, didn’t trust the Obama administration to safeguard the “integrity” of our state’s election system. Which, by the by, is among the worst in the country. That’s not hyperbole or opinion, it’s researched and documented fact.

Casey Cagle. Hugh Hewitt. Erick Erickson. Kris Kobach. is there a rule somewhere that RW politicians’ names MUST have alliteration?

Just hop on over and take a look at this report via Courthouse News, which says how disgustingly antiquated our systems are—and, even when faced with a lawsuit to preserve documents from the Jon Ossoff runoff election, somebody wiped an election server in violation of a court order.

To recap: Georgia’s election systems are in shambles. And the official who’s charged to maintain them is in Trump’s back pocket and—because that isn’t enough already—actively worked against our nation’s interests when DHS tried to protect us from Russian meddling.

Ya know, the meddling that got us Trump in the first place.

He’s actively overseeing voter purges in the state, too, which aims to tip the scales in his favor.

Make calls. Follow Jenny Cohn, Let America Vote and A Voice for All GA‘s tremendous work on Twitter. Get involved in the Recall Kemp campaign. We need new leadership and a fresh start in Georgia this November, and her name is Stacey Abrams. 🔵

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