Hell hath no fury like a photographer scorned.

Politico went sniffing around recently reporting out a bombshell long read about the “Christian” hypocrite known as Jerry Falwell, Jr. What Politico found is garden-variety corruption: self-dealing, bloated endowment and lots of un-christian back-biting. No shock there.

But there’s more; WAY more.

Jerry Falwell is a club kid?

When confronted by Politico with an image from 2014 of Falwell Jr. clubbing at WALL Lounge with his family members he alleged it had been “Photoshopped.” Turns out Miami-area photographer Seth Browarnik doesn’t suffer fools and promptly found *more* images to post for himself. The new raft of images are CVS-level receipts.

We’ll get back to clubbing pics in just a minute. To review: Jer heads up a radically strict school where dancing is verboten and drinking/partying are also, um, frowned upon. Students are expelled from Liberty U for less. Jer and the missus also got busted canoodling a pool boy—for which we still don’t have a legit explanation.


Jer Jer is your garden variety hypocrite, sure. But that’s not where our story ends.

RedFinch Solutions is a IT company helmed by Falwell acolyte and “fixer” John Gauger. (Like any good religious MAGA he *really* wanted to be on Survivor.) Liberty U pays RedFinch quite tidy sums for work—some of which we know, and some we don’t.

What we *do* know is that Michael Cohen—Donald’s former personal attorney, deadbeat taxi magnate and current prison resident—paid RedFinch to rig polls in 2015. Like any good mafia movie reporting suggests the tab was paid in cash stuffed in a WalMart plastic bag.

Clean up on Aisle Hypocrite

Which brings us back to Jerry Falwell’s rave pictures. When news of the images broke, the Good Dr. Reverend Jer turned to his right-hand guy Gauger for assistance. Let’s toss to Politico for more:

To remedy the situation, multiple Liberty staffers said Falwell went to John Gauger, whom they characterized as his “IT guy,” and asked him to downgrade the photos’ prominence on Google searches. Gauger did not respond to requests for comment.

RedFinch, Falwell, Liberty U nutbags, Cohen are all colluding to fluff Donald Trump—which makes this rise to a story of national significance. Here we have a non-profit engaging in poll-rigging, back-slapping and otherwise illegal politicking with zero consequences. Work that props up Falwell is de facto propping up Donald; when Jer avoids scrutiny for his actions, Trump benefits too—and vice versa.

How we got stuck with a criminal-mafia cult leader

I’ll close with this: Jer Jer paid Michael Cohen to make racy photos go away in 2015, and Jer returned the favor by endorsing famously unchristian area nudnik Trump for president* in 2016. That was just one of the critical-corrupt pieces (Russian sabotage, voter suppression, likely election-system ratfucking, psychographic polling) that delivered a large swath of Evangelicals to support Donald, and… well y’all know the rest.

Falwell, like Trump, has proven himself to be a fraud. Donald’s clubbing days are behind him but it appears Falwell’s are just getting started. 🇨

(Writer’s note: I’ve reached out to Miami photographer Seth Browarnik for comment and will report back if/when I hear something.)

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