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Breaking news: hypocrisy used to be bipartisan. With 2016’s seismic-election shift (and illegal installation by a hostile foreign power) we’re dealing with one political party overrun by a transnational crime syndicate.

More importantly: when it comes to the pinnacle of hypocritical politics, let’s marvel at our Modern Mount Everest; Empire State Building of Crap; The Grand Hypocrite Canyon.

With President Barack Obama in office for eight years—with benefit of hindsight now that we have lawless president* Nectarine Crappertweeter stinking up the place—republicans have lost the right to complain forever.

They *are* the Hypocrisy Hall of Fame.

In fact, republicans should be retroactively banished to a punitive mining colony for aggressively lying incorrect stupid wrong people. Let us count the ways.

✅ that time Chris Christie called Obama a “king” and a “dictator

✅ that time Chuck Grassley said Obama should “stop acting like a king

✅ that time Fixed Noise said Obama is “king not president

✅ that time Bachmann said Obama is “rewriting the constitution

✅ that time Carly Fiorina & Rafael Cruz called Obama “lawless

✅ that time John Boehner said Obama’s “king and emperor

✅ that time GOP fuckfaces accused Obama of “groveling to Saudi Arabia”

✅ that time Joe Wilson screeched “you LIE!” during Obama’s address

✅ that time Peter King called for AG Holder’s resignation

✅ that time GOP called for HHS Sebelius’ resignation

✅ that time Dan Burton called for DHS Napolitano’s resignation

✅ “We’re past impeachment; time to hang him high”—Joshua Black on MLK Day

✅ that time Peter King said Sasha & Malia Obama shouldn’t go on vacation

✅ that time David Perdue prayed and prayed for Obama’s death

✅ that time Obama wore a beige suit which was outrageous for some reason

✅ that time GOP voted to sue Obama over better health coverage <GASP>

✅ “Chicago-style shakedown politics!”—disgraced HHS secretary and area yutz Tom Price

✅ “Obamnesty!”—Steve King, who was super sure about being clever

…and now for our lightning round!

✅ “Monarch!”—Rafael Cruz

✅ “Caesar!”—Mark Krikorian

✅ “Emperor!”—Michael Steel

✅ “Authoritarian!”—Lou Dobbs

✅ “King! Autocrat!”—Rand Paul

Donald Trump and President Barack Obama are not even in the same dimensional plane when it comes to authoritarian dictatorship and oath-of-office violations. What is GOP doing now? They’re silent. In the face of the most blatant attack against our democracy in the history of this nation they’re collecting nutbag judges and destroying our country from within.

What did I miss? Mention them in the comments and I’ll add them to the post. This is a light sprinkling of hypocrisy even though there are literally thousands of examples. 🔴

UPDATE: Miss Lindsey Graham (R.—Moscow) is the poster gal for hypocrisy; her 90s persona fully conflicts with 2019

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