This one hit me like a ton of bricks.

While Big Media canoodles Very Important Professional Liars on Meet the Press like Mark Meadows (intentionally not embedding or linking), here we have journalist Mya Frazier pounding pavement doing shoe-leather journalism we were taught at Medill.

Now *this* is a GET.

“Tell me what you’re seeing right now,” Frazier asked the Ohio mail-carrier.

“There is a lull in volume,” he replied. “They’re trying to shut us down so people can’t vote—basically taking away people’s constitutional right to vote. To rig the election. We just have to make it to November so people can vote.

“They’re shutting down our sorting plants and making it harder to deliver the mail,” he added. He recommended people order mailed ballots *early* and take necessary precautions so that our constitutionally protected right isn’t blocked.

Here are 25 powerful ways to stop sabotage of USPS—via election expert Jennifer Cohn

“Go online and get your mail-in ballots; vote before they have a chance to take it away from you.”

Mya Frazier did excellent work here, too, tying his work back to bonds built between citizens and postal carriers.

“We’re everyday people; we see everything,” he told Frazier. “We notice if somebody’s sick and hasn’t gotten their mail. We know to look; there have been times I’ve called to do a safety-check on people because they haven’t checked their mail. We see everything that goes on in the community and most of us will take the time to get to know people.”

Weird how ratf*cking USPS has spokespeople running for exits [UPDATED]

Shouldn’t take a criminal assault on United States Postal Service to realize how much postal workers are valued, but here we are. If you’re a mail carrier or know someone who is please have them reach out to me via email or Twitter DMs. 📪

Writer’s note: I have a message in for Mya Frazier and will update this post if/when I hear back. Stay tuned.

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