(This post has updates including a changed headline to reflect USPS Board of Governors’ role in installing DeJoy)

If Steve Mnuchin goes to prison over obstruction of congress I’m OK with that.

This story is so bonkers and yet so simple: USPS Board of Governors—comprised of political yutzes and CEOs who represent direct-USPS competitors—hired an outside search firm for help with installing Louis DeJoy as fake-postmaster general.

Let’s set aside ridiculousness of needing a search firm to hire someone qualified from within postal system (although that’s pretty f*cking dopey on its own).

“Executive search consultants” Russell Reynolds Associates accepted this job from Board of Governors and AGREED TO SIGN A BINDING NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT.

On what planet is that necessary?

Well, if you’re hiding evidence and locking out congress from investigating—hi Steve Mnuchin!—then NDAs are perfect vehicle to do just that (plus, NDAs are like SO donald’s thing).

You need to call your representatives NOW and demand DeJoy and the entire Board of Governors resign. And you need to do it today.

I’ll be following this story as events develop; DeJoy is set to testify on Friday but I don’t see how he can remain in his fake position much longer. Watch this space. 📪

UPDATE (8 September 2020): Let’s take a walk down memory lane so we can re-look at *how* Louis DeJoy came to be selected in the first place. Brooklyn Mob DeJoy was NOT on a list of 53 narrowed-down finalist candidates. Actually he was selected by Board of Governors chairman Robert Duncan, which begs the simple question: why? Why was DeJoy—basic background check of whom would’ve shown criminal exposure—such a great option in Duncan’s eyes? Also if a chairman leading a Senate committee lies during testimony, what happens?


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