Jena Griswold is my spirit animal.

If I gathered non-MAGA Secretaries of State in a room I’d ask “why can’t you all be as badass as Secretary Griswold?” (To be fair, some of them are.)

Sec. Griswold *opened a can* on Twitter and served notice to would-be lawbreakers that the jig is up. So how did we get here?

Three months of criminality

USPS Board of Governors should hire attorneys since THEY are responsible for Louis DeJoy [UPDATED]

Since Brooklyn Mob Louis DeJoy was installed by donald and USPS Board of Governors—whose contrived-selection process should be getting a LOT more press coverage—he’s been absolutely comfortable committing sabotage of a federal agency. I’ve been covering this story pretty much non-stop since I stumbled over Atlanta postmaster getting quietly replaced.

Browse through past issues:

Weird how ratf*cking USPS has spokespeople running for exits [UPDATED]

‘Constitutional conservatives’ silent while Mnuchin & DeJoy run roughshod over USPS [UPDATED]

Before Louis DeJoy was installed to destroy USPS he committed election fraud in North Carolina

Because past is prologue ALL my questions were deflected by national-press folks at USPS. These are serious questions that NEED answering;

After sending me some corporate-speak gobbledygook I wrote back with a further question as to why (since USPS is now in-business to dole out voting advice) they didn’t add a bullet about how voters can drop ballots off at drop-boxes. Then I received this:

To my mind getting stonewalled by spokespeople is a TELL in and of itself.

Irony here is DeJoy & USPS are saying with their mailer, “hey guys! here’s some voting advice from a national agency” when our elections are decentralized. Can’t have it both ways: exploit broken system of cobbled-together state-based hodge-podge policies with election fraud (yes, they’re doing that as I type) AND offer advice printed on official USPS letterhead that—according to the lawsuit—is fraudulent.

As I’ve said on Twitter for years: we need national-voting standards, and we need them now. Thanks to criminal GOP we might get there faster than you think.

Updates as events warrant. 📪

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