This is a huge deal.

As I’ve written in this space, GOP—which is a failed criminal mafia—has tried everything short of setting D.C. on fire to stop ballots from counting. Today we have a late-breaking minute order from Judge Emmet Sullivan DEMANDING under penalty of perury that DeJoy’s USPS sweep facilities and make sure all outstanding ballots are delivered.

Tangerine Nixon and his helpers, including Lou DeJoy, have not taken kindly to court orders in the past… just in case y’all needed a reminder.

Here’s a screengrab of Judge Sullivan’s order:

I’ll stay on this story because it has national implications—and could determine whether or not we’re able to save our democracy from grifting Russian assets. Watch this space. 📪

UPDATE (5:30 p): Louis DeJoy is reportedly in contempt of court since he didn’t meet Judge Sullivan’s order.

UPDATE 2 (4 Nov 2020): Brooklyn Mob Lou DeJoy decided “meh, no thanks” to a court order and will have to explain himself today. Oh and by the by it continues to disgust me that DOJ is representing USPS when it has ITS OWN DAMN TEAM OF LAWYERS.


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