To this layperson seems like Florida’s fratboy-governor Ron DeSantis installed cartoonishly unqualified judge Joshua Hawkes specifically to approve armed search warrant on Dr. Rebekah Jones.

But really, would that surprise you?

Ron DeSantis’ ‘Gestapo’ raid on Dr. Rebekah Jones is weaponized whistleblower retaliation

When my post about DeSantis’ “Gestapo Raid” went semi-viral I decided to stay on this story and did some digging on who this judge is and why this warrant wasn’t laughed out of court. (Read that post as a primer for who Dr. Jones is and why her work is so critical to public health—in Florida and nationwide.)

Thin-as-old-napkin résumé

When news of Hawkes’ nomination started bubbling up in Florida’s political swamp last summer, folks were asking why he was being considered with basically no experience.

“But you guys what IS experience, anyways?” was his reply to WFSU (emphasis mine):

You never [sic] going to have all the experience required to be a circuit court judge there’s just too much substantive law on that bench. But having the right character traits which I think I possess, a hard work ethic, a certain humility to reach out to others for help when needed I think is what is required and I think I’d do a great job’

Coincidentally “character” is EXACTLY what’s in question after he rubber-stamped the raid—which lots of legal eagles are calling “weak” and “lacking evidence.” To put it mildly.

As one keen-twitter observer noted Hawkes’ circuit bears no connection to the matter at hand. How is COVID-whistleblower Rebekah Jones related to juvenile delinquency?

Wanted: Judges who are good helpers

Hawkes had scant experience but apparently lots of eagerness to help DeSantis, who nominated him not 2 months prior to the raid. DeSantis has since denied prior knowledge of the raid, which is, ya know, not credible given what we know.

I’d like to also point out that this disgusting series of events is THE SAME OPERATION as Mitch McConnell’s jamming through fashion bloggers to sit on the federal bench for lifetime appointments. All in service to the same goal: To get what they want and screw everyone else.

Watch this space. 🔴

UPDATE: Rebekah Jones as “darling of the fever swamp” leads me to think DeSantis did not conduct this raid in good faith maybe?

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