USPS Postmaster Louis DeJoy has been committing sabotage of his own agency for more than a year and inexplicably still has a job. Will FBI’s new straw-donor investigation finally cause newly reconstituted Board of Governors to shit-can him? Let’s have a look.

Washington Post writers Jacob Bogage and Matt Zapotosky have the exclusive on FBI’s probe, but, as I’ve noted on Twitter previously, WaPo’s coverage has lacked necessary bite of unvarnished, non-normalized truth-telling.

‘New Breed’ of MAGA yutz

For example, DeJoy’s alleged campaign-finance violations took place while he was an executive at New Breed Logistics—prior to that company being acquired by XPO Logistics. From the piece:

DeJoy remained at XPO briefly in an executive role and retired at the end of 2015 — though he was then appointed to the company’s board of directors, where he served until 2018.

Bogage & Zapotosky’s reporting on DeJoy’s connections to XPO ends there, as if he or his family no longer have any connection to the company.


Last November Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) released details of its investigation of DeJoy’s divestiture, or lack thereof, of XPO stock. From their piece:

The ability to divest assets that pose conflicts of interest by transferring them to adult family members is a concerning loophole in government ethics laws and regulations, and DeJoy’s reluctance to reveal how he is managing his conflicts of interest does not afford him the benefit of the doubt. DeJoy must publicly clarify whether he indeed has transferred some of his interest in XPO to his children and, if so, detail whether the terms prohibit his children from returning the stock to DeJoy once he leaves the government.

Whether or not DeJoy can reacquire XPO stock from his kids is immaterial: each time time USPS is weakened or hobbled by DeJoy reforms ratf*cking his family members’ investments are enhanced. XPO has contracts with the Post Office and is in many ways a direct competitor to our nation’s oldest institution. As PolitiFact reports those family investments in USPS competitors are—to put it in everyday parlance—f*cking huge:

We requested Wos’ 85-page financial disclosure from the Office of Government Ethics to see for ourselves. Here’s a breakdown of Wos and DeJoy’s assets in logistics companies, as of 2019:

  • XPO: $30.2-$75.5 million
  • United Parcel Service: $115,002-$300,000
  • J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.: $1,001-$15,000
  • Forward Air Corp.: $1,001-$15,000
  • Saia Inc.: $1,001-$15,000

DeJoy investigations abound

FBI’s probe of DeJoy’s straw-donor scheme is really just the tip of the iceberg. Incomplete roundup:

  • USPS Office of Inspector General looking at ethics violations
  • Rep. Carolyn Maloney examining if DeJoy lied under oath
  • SEC is looking at DeJoy’s USPS-vehicle contract with Oshkosh

If it feels like the walls are caving in on Lou DeJoy that’s because they are. Have a look at my exclusive DeJoy reporting by clicking here and you have anything to add to this story or know of anyone willing to help me report this story further, please be in touch.

How does the FBI probe matter in the grand scheme of things? I want to know what BoG knew about DeJoy’s straw-donor scheme, and when. DeJoy is the first PMG in USPS history to have ZERO POSTAL EXPERIENCE… and it shows. I have a list of questions in to my USPS spokeswoman contact and will report back what I hear. Watch this space. 🔴

(Header credit: screengrab of The Hill footage via YouTube)


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