“The call is coming from inside the house” is that famous line from 1979’s melodramatic thriller but it might as well be the tagline for America’s Department of Justice under Trump.

Currently serving DOJ officials furthered all sorts of felonious scandals involving Casino Mobster and his henchmen—many of which are just emerging now after gag-orders have expired. After Merrick Garland was confirmed as Attorney General, there’s been an open hydrant of new revelations, which, by the by, will keep coming through dog days of summer 2021 to the foreseeable future.

Which was exactly what I tweeted the day prior, stating that the REAL scandal is nobody at DOJ saying a damn thing about how their office was being used as a nuclear weapon against Casino Mobster’s (mostly imagined) enemies

“There are people who were involved in this unprecedented case about DOJ secretly obtaining and rifling through records of Democratic members of congress who were investigating the president*,” Rachel said last night on her show. “Officials involved in that are still at DOJ; people who took part in that are still there under Merrick Garland.”

She continued: “This scandal was known to multiple officials inside the Justice Department—none of whom thought to peep about it? People involved at DOJ didn’t say anything.”

Which was exactly what I tweeted the day prior, stating that the REAL scandal is nobody at DOJ saying a damn thing about how their office was being used as a nuclear weapon against Tangerine Nixon’s (mostly imagined) enemies.

These revelations are just a series of multi-layered scandals waiting to get unpacked; current DOJ under AG Garland is withholding key information about which members were hit or what the legal basis was for subpoenas. “Expect this to get worse before it gets better,” Maddow said. “Even if [Garland and Biden and DOJ officials] don’t want that job that IS the job they have now. President Biden put high-quality, good people at the Justice Department, with great experience.

“But wake up you guys! you’re going to work at an active crime scene and you need to fix this.”

Here are some additional highlights from my Twitter machine… from a concerned legal-watching layperson. Updates as events warrant. ⚖

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