Lavishing madmen with praise has consequences.

Genuflecting toward Putin turned an entire U.S. political party—led by Putin’s 4-year White House asset, donald trump—into a bunch of sniveling fanbois. And the obvious knock-on effect is Vlad Putin believing lies he promulgated.

So much so that Sweet Daddy Vlad assumed he’d waltz in to Ukraine and set up a puppet regime (the latest one) with no resistance.

Putin assumed, like Bush 43, Russian soldiers would be seen as “liberators” and they’d build statues in his honor.

That was a grave miscalculation. Ditto that Putin’s entire operation, which many people have noted has echoes of Hitler’s bunker demise.

An ugly end-game based on a deranged loon’s fantasies.

With Ukrainian President Zelenskyy as No. 1, here’s a running list of people/entities Vladimir Putin underestimated, in no particular order.

Russian citizens

UK House of Commons

European Union

U.S. President Joe Biden

International Criminal Court (ICC/The Hague)

Truth-telling diplomats

Certain U.S. media presenters

I’ll keep adding to the list and if you have any that should be included comment here or Tweet me. ☮

non-MAGA U.S. Senators


Financial sectors

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