Bask in the glory while standing for nothing. That’s “America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani.

Growing up in Manhattan, we all knew Rudy was a crook.

But what happened to the crook after 9/11’s premeditated attack on America? All sins forgotten, all mistakes forgiven.

That was then.

Knowing what we know today—fecal spray during lie-filled “testimony”; enabling fellow NYC mobster who accidentally got installed to destroy us—Rudy’s media-created fake veneer is a fig leaf that just blew away in a stiff wind.


My best gift to you on 21st anniversary of September 11th is a convergence of then-and-now fraudulence of Rudolph Giuliani.

Then: “Don’t blame me” for moving NYC command center to World Trade Center (he was to blame)

Now: “Don’t blame me” for fake electors (he helped orchestrate them)

All those lies are, today, bounced checks on the account of national media, desperate for heroes and short on truth-telling.

Then: “Lazy Democrats” are to blame for terrorist attacks (Rudy ignored 1993 bombing completely; Bush ignored bin Laden memo)

Now: “The Democrats are stealing elections” (both he and The Former Guy had multiple, active ops to steal 2020 election)

Then: “I knew the most about Arafat” when investigating 1995 Achille Lauro murder of Leon Klinghoffer (Rudy’s ginormous lie contradicted by then-DOJ official Victoria Toensing)

Now: Rudy & Vickie Toensing conspired in numerous ways to advance the mob and steal elections


Rudy Giuliani and donald trump are identical streetcorner hucksters: Carnival Barkers repackaged and re-platformed by media as adult stewards of government. All those lies are, today, bounced checks on the account of national media, desperate for heroes and short on truth-telling.

Village Voice’s Wayne Barrett was not among them. My myth-busting post stands on his shoulders, as Wayne’s “Five Big Lies about 9/11” was the dousing of cold water everyone needed at the time it was written in ’07.

In the end, though, Barrett’s reporting was long forgotten when media went to work rehabbing donald: Trump had Mark Burnette’s “Apprentice” and BILLIONS in free media. Giuliani had years/decades of false “hero worship” braggadocio that, if scrutinized for a half-second, would collapse like a house built on Styrofoam.

So if you’re in media reading this: do better. Do a LOT F*CKING BETTER so we don’t falsely coronate emerging heads of criminal enterprises in the future. 🇨

‘Morning Joe’: preeminent, petulant launderer of Trump’s reputation in 2016

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