Heat-seeking indictments deployed by Fani Willis blew up Coffee County conspiracy. Here’s what could come next

In a few hours, media, lawyers and concerned citizens will gather in Coffee County for a “Protect Your Vote” town hall. For my readers and anyone nearby, here are some specific ways you can either attend, or if in-person isn’t an option, support the effort and educate yourselves to expose the truth.

1. Attend and/or donate

The town hall will be held at Gaines Chapel AME Church at 3 p.m. (See the embedded Google map link below.)

Donate to town-hall sponsor & plaintiff in the epic/amazing Curling v. Raffensperger lawsuit, Coalition for Good Governance. Click here to donate… even $5 helps! Critically important to help offset costs of catering and childcare for this important event.

2. Learn

Twitter pal Anna Bower wrote a stellar tick-tock entitled “What the heck happened in Coffee County“, which is also the subject of a Lawfare podcast. You can also read my five previous stories right here on CrankyYank at this handy search link.

3. Boost & Share

CrankyYank has dedicated-sharing buttons floating to the right and at the end of every post! Share this post to your socials and help get the word out. My Coffee County megathread on Twitter has lots of resources as well.


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