Breaking projection news! Sketchy folks who squeal “🄴🄻🄴🄲🅃🄸🄾🄽 🄸🄽🅃🄴🄶🅁🄸🅃🅈” are the exact-same dummies who allegedly committed multiple felonies by breaching Coffee County election machines.

The absurdity of that contradiction is mostly lost on mainstream media, but not here: “maga-election warriors” are a projecting, corrupt bunch of fraudulent operatives who only care about retaining/exploiting power.

As I predicted in February of 2021, RICO always seemed like the right tool to prosecute a slapdash, clumsy mafia falling over themselves to stay out of legal jeopardy and reinstall a game-show host who stole his presidential* seat in the first place.

But—oh no!—there was a major problem with their hair-brained scheme: millions of Georgians don’t appreciate having their voices erased to please a conman.

Enter Fani Willis & John Floyd

From a legal perspective, canceling legit-election results is also of keen interest to district attorneys.

Sedition dragnet will end in RICO charges for TFG & GOP [UPDATED]

As I predicted in February of 2021, RICO always seemed like the right tool to prosecute a slapdash, clumsy mafia falling over themselves to stay out of legal jeopardy and reinstall a game-show host who stole his presidential* seat in the first place.

Fani Willis, with established history of using RICO to go after gangsters, did just that.

I’ll not try to recreate great recaps of indicted players and how much trouble they’re in… I’ll leave that to Trusted Newsers like Anna Bower, Amee Vanderpool and others—especially this fantastic piece by , , for WaPo (which contains the source for my header image).

No, my post will part explainer of what predictions I got right and why The Enterprise (my catchall term for corrupt republicans) is still trying to cover up the underlying crimes just charged by Fani Willis.

Scott Grover* Hall, call your lawyers

Scott Hall, Atlanta bail-bondsman and area-wealthy person with too much time on his hands, got indicted by Fani Willis. He’s quite high on my list of folks who will flip on The Former Guy as soon as pressure gets too hot. For now, his braggadocio and fake swagger have been replaced by Scotty slumped in a recliner clutching a PBR (educated guess).
(*Writer’s note: I don’t actually know what the “G” stands for in Mr. Hall’s name; “Grover” is another best guess.)
Anyways Grover is accused of chartering the plane to fly operatives to Coffee County for the sole purpose of breaching machines. Protecting his fortune will ultimately be more important than protecting a lifelong criminal.
Mr. Hall was a featured speaker at an “🄴🄻🄴🄲🅃🄸🄾🄽 🄸🄽🅃🄴🄶🅁🄸🅃🅈” disinfo-spectacle in 2021, mere months after flying future-indicted hooligans to breach Coffee County machines. Movie producers would reject that plotline as too ridiculous.
While on-subject of flipping, Cathy Latham and Misty Hampton also seem like very good candidates for cooperating with Fulton DA’s office. Why? Because both are implicated in *sending an invitation* to Former Guy’s operatives to “please feel free to come on down to sleepy Coffee County so y’alls can rassle up some evidence of nothing.” Once we learn more about the invite—which weirdly ended up in convicted-felon Bernie Kerik’s privilege logs—it will firmly establish how “the friendlies” in Coffee County spotted TFG’s fraudulent operation in progress and apparently jumped in to help.
(Note: Sid Powell spotted Misty Hampton’s conspiracy video filled with nonsense and was immediately charmed, so the admiration society appears to have been mutual.)
Why is this invite is a crucial evidentiary marker? Because it proves the Coffee County mishegas was NOT some spontaneous “grassroots” effort to defend donald’s honor. No, the invite will be a linchpin in connecting the conspiracy from Coffee to TFG’s mobbed-up white house… and vice versa. Keep eyes on how that part of the story develops.

‘Pandora Box’ is not a TFG-hired sex worker

A number of other notable operatives are on Willis’ indictment-naughty list. Again, I’m not listing them all—that wheel’s already been invented—I’m only gonna highlight the ones I find interesting. Kanye West-operative Trevian Kutti has always been flagged in my head since miss lady “went down to Georgia.” Why? Because she potentially opens a Pandora’s Box of other crimers who conspired to harass and intimidate Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman.

Above tweet from July was near-verbatim preview of Fani Willis’ indictments. Lee, enlisted for stalking help by unknown persons to harass Ruby Freeman, strenuously denies the charges and—like so many MAGAs prior—just kept on with his life like nothing happened. Bless Steve-O’s determination to give sermons while credibly accused of trying to intimidate and threaten pollworkers.

“Black Voices for Trump” Harrison Floyd connects to Lee in that Steve-O sought Harrison’s help (tasked by who, exactly?) on the “pressure Shaye and Ruby” operation.

But Trevian Kutti, to my eye, is the biggest wildcard of all. Not much reporting on her testimony after getting subpoenaed by Willis—or if she did, in fact, come in to testify—but her inclusion is fascinating. Why? Because the backstory is so weird: Why does a “publicist” pick up and fly from Chicago to Atlanta out of the blue to apparently jump in an ongoing conspiracy to pressure pollworkers? Who paid for her travel? Why?

For a proper look at context, Willis subpoenaed Harrison Floyd (and mentioned Kutti in filings) around September 2022:

Here’s where it gets super interesting: around the same time proudly MAGA Kanye West had a bit of a public meltdown:

Just a few months prior, Kutti was tweeting lots of MAGA nonsense and RTing lots of weirdos (her account has since been suspended). All this could be a harmless coincidence, but my gut says it’s more than that. If you’ve read this far (if so, thanks!), you’ll want to also jump over to my Kutti thread on Twitter that does quite a bit of dot-connecting and provides context for what this mob-subset was up to. But to summarize: Trevian Kutti’s “you’re a loose end that *a party* wants to tie up” sounds to me like a tacit confession to conspiracy—one that reaches far inside RNC and, yes, Kanye World. I can’t be the only one thinking that, either.

*If* Kutti’s op does, in fact, connect to Kanye West? That will open up another superhighway of evidence that I’m sure Ye or Amway or whatever we’re calling West now will not appreciate. His 2020 campaign was ALWAYS a fraudulent, clumsy “reinstall King Donny” side project—orchestrated by the scummiest of sleazebags. Once you start tugging that sweater thread it will point to some shady law practices and yes, even Leonard Leo.

Keep in mind Steve Lee is actually a Rudy Giuliani/Bernard Kerik flunky, which brings us full-circle with Kerik and the Coffee County “invite”. We don’t know who the other, unnamed co-conspirators are yet but when we find out it’ll be interesting to compare to folk mentioned above.

Still a coverup in Georgia GOP’s Earth 2 pretend universe

After reading above details of what occurred in Georgia (by no means exhaustive), and how Willis indictments broke down, you would think pressure would be too intense to maintain a façade that “everything’s fiiiine.”

You’d be wrong, of course.

Fani Willis did amazing work “telling the story” of tfg’s criminal enterprise reaching down into Georgia to flip the election result here in his favor (a scheme repeated in Michigan, Arizona and elsewhere). But as of this writing, I’m obligated to remind you of my earlier reporting: the Coffee County coverup is still ongoing.

Coffee County officials claim the ‘threat vector’ has been neutralized but the truth is vastly different [UPDATED]

GBI, local and state officials, and even Misty Hampton herself are remaining quiet as church mice about the intrusion crimes that took place on their watch. They repeatedly rejected Jim Hudson’s proposals for an independent investigation and transparency has been basically nonexistent. And just today a Georgia-state senator demanded a special session to remove DA Willis for reasons.

With Willis’ sweeping indictments, though, we are being told a sordid tale about two-way “mutual admiration society” that resulted in unknown amounts of election data getting stolen, copied and transmitted out of Coffee County.

As I said on Twitter, this is just the beginning of the story, not the end. Watch this space. ⚖️

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