“The world breaks everyone, and afterwards,
many are strong in the broken places.”
Ernest Hemmingway, quoted by Joe Biden



Sometimes a news and culture blogger has to invoke a point of personal privilege. And today is that day.

I had a surgical follow-up appointment this morning and the doc says my hand surgery didn’t take. Something about an internal suture rupturing. So, three weeks on from the initial procedure I’ve got to go under the knife again and have it corrected. As a blogger, tennis player and generally ambidextrous person, having compromised usage of my left hand royally sucks and limits pretty much anything I can do. (I implore you to NEVER take pinkies for granted again.)

I’m publishing this abbreviated CrankyYank edition because I’ll be in no shape whatsoever to do it. I had thought I’d be up and active after the last time, but it knocked me on my ass. And I expect it to be much of the same tomorrow.

What’s amazing to me is how much this operation has actually cost me. I’m out of pocket about $4,000—way more than anyone should have to shell out for something like this. I feel great empathy for people who get in similar situations and are faced with huge medical bills, a choice of whether or not to be healthy. The ACA may have lowered premiums, but what opponents of the law don’t understand is that we’re still subsidizing insurance companies that have no business being the profit centers they are.

On with the show, as they say.

UPDATE: out of surgery and home resting—all seems to have gone well. Typing is a chore, so I’ll keep it brief: I got me this this snazzy blue cast on for a week then back to see the doc to evaluate how it all went. More updates as I get them. In the meantime, I’m on a coffee IV since I couldn’t have any this morning.


As I came to from the surgery, I heard the guy next to me singing a Chick-fil-A Biscuit song. So, I took it upon myself to sing it with him, then we got one on the way home because I had surgery dammit and I’m gonna get what I want.



One of our major political parties has nominated a would-be authoritarian dictator. That’s not hyperbole.



I guaranteed a review of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, and I delivered on that promise. I’m sorry it’s not better news. Actually, I’m heartbroken. This series was always a deliciously campy experience and the movie is just an utter freakin’ mess.


Copy of START-5

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Sherri Rabinowitz’s BlogTalk Radio show, “Chatting with Sherri,” about my projects—specifically about Leaving Triscuit. The audio of that interview can be found here.

And here’s a refresher on what the book is all about:



Rosie O’Donnell narrates the actually accurate Trump biopic that the mainstream media won’t show you. Trust me, it’s epic, and you need to spend the 6 minutes watching it. Pop some popcorn… this is our fave gal-pal chat-show host whom Donnie called a “fat pig.” classy.

In all seriousness, the information in this Daily Show clip is the truthful breakdown of his business and personal track record—stuff that the media won’t report. I was a bit surprised they didn’t mention the rape accusations, because those are part of an ongoing lawsuit and largely public knowledge.

Filmmakers like Dinesh D’Souza do biopics filled with lies, distortions and inaccuracies; at least with this one we’re getting the truth.


Copy of Copy of START-2

Apple is about to pass the 1 billion mark of iPhones sold, but the Street is still finding ways to be displeased with the smallest issues (CNBC)… Girl power: Showtime’s Homeland (a show I’ve written extensively about on the CY blog) is getting a female president for Season 6; the series will return in early 2017, just before the next president is inaugurated  (Vulture).



As I’m writing this edition early, I’m listening with one ear to Joe Biden talk about losing his son Beau to cancer. As someone with a broken finger—who now needs a second surgery because the first didn’t take—this quote hit me in all the right places.

That quote goes on to be very dark actually, but I prefer to sit with the first passage. It’s just… perfect.

The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places.


That’s it from me this week, Cranker Darlings. I’m getting tired of these setbacks, but I’m hoping by next week I’ll be back in the saddle. See you right back here (hopefully) Thursday at 2.

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