The Washington Post, more and more, is usurping the NY Times as Paper of Record.

WaPo has a stunning tick-tock of the firing of FBI director James Comey—a piece that reports, among many other lurid details, Donald sought the help of AG Sessions to find cause for firing Comey. This is in itself problematic as Sessions was supposed to be recused from any dealings with this issue. But hey, broken promises are no big deal or something?

Then there’s deputy AG Rod Rosenstein who, according to the piece, “threatened to resign” once it emerged that the Trump administration was going to cite him as a “prime mover” in the decision to dismiss Comey. Still unanswered of this writing: why did Rosenstein change his mind? Why didn’t this rise to the level of Nixon’s Sunday Night Massacre, when he fired a bunch of folks before resigning himself in disgrace over Watergate?

Anyone who says they know how this is gonna play out is full of shit. But I must at least take a crack: Rosenstein—by all accounts a straight shooter, and with a 27-year legacy to defend—will not last for long as acting AG. I give it a few months, if that, before he’s in a position where he’ll have to resign and get out of dodge.

What do I base this on? The aforementioned New York Times—which I’ve lambasted repeatedly for bizarrely attacking Secretary Clinton and incorrectly reporting that the Russiagate story was “dude, no big deal!”—is out with a scathing piece from its editorial board on the stakes of the matter. When you put #Trumprussia in the appropriately dire context of Watergate, Rosenstein will have untenable choices.

His boss, AG Sessions, has already lied under oath and apparently violated his promise to be recused from the matter. So Rosenstein is already two-steps forward on complicity.


As I reported earlier, I took last week off due to my participation in the Climate March in D.C. I could only be there for a few hours before heading back to another engagement, but the footage I did get was stellar. The people have spoken: Trump’s climate-denying, anti-science cretins are part of the problem.

Have a look at some of the best protests signs—I had a blast cataloging them. These are all available for purchase on my SmugMug page; please share widely!













It’s a simple question really: “Do you support legislation that will compel Donald Trump to release his tax returns?” When this New Jersey congressman said “no,” the boo birds weighed in. This is how you resist.


I picked up this quick documentary on Free Speech TV and it’s quite amazing. The Colorado River is one of our greatest natural resources and it’s been in slow decline. Watch.


When country music singer Brett Kissel’s mic went out when he was about to sing both the Star Spangled Banner and O Canada, the crowd jumped in to help. In a time when true patriotism and goodwill is in short supply, this was a goosebump-inducing moment. Have a look at Oilers TV for the full recap. 🔵


That’s a wrap guys! Please join me again right back here next Thursday at 2 p.m.

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