Hello Cranker Darlings—I’m working on a number of exclusive stories and, in addition to being severely jetlagged I’m behind pulling it together. Here’s what’s in store for tomorrow:

• An updated recap of the 2nd Annual Pizza for Good Extravaganza in San Diego. We raised a record amount for the SD Humane Society.

• An exclusive interview with a Democratic pundit who, after appearing on conservative TV, has received multiple death threats. This one may have to wait until next week if we aren’t able to connect in time.


Exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of Olivia Cella’s video shoot with guest star and YouTube sensation Sam Pottorff. The piece will have pics, a full profile and audio clips.

• Update on my #AwesomeIs campaign and who I’ve pinged so far.

And much more! Watch this space and, as always, thanks for your comments and shares.

Will Pollock is an Atlanta-based freelance multimedia journalist focusing on retail, real estate, travel, politics and human interest. He is the author of two books (Pizza for Good & Leaving Triscuit), with more on the way. Sign up for the mailing list, follow on TwitterFacebook and Instagram—and check out the book links below.

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