I have the best words.

No really, I do. Fact: a salacious term or turn of phrase doesn’t become real until Urban Dictionary approves it.

This axiom holds true for San Diego Thank-you, Chicago DeuceViolent Affection Syndrome—even the now-infamous “covfefe,” the word that Trump recently tweeted and then deleted. Many people have tried and failed to decode what the hell it means.

As of this week, we can add Donald Trump’s Resting Vagina Hands to the list of Trump-related words enshrined in the Urban Dictionary lexicon.

The backstory: Trump has a habit of resting his hands in the shape of a vagina, particularly in public. He held that position, for example, when he met Angela Merkel at the White House and refused to shake her hand. He’s done it on chat shows, award ceremonies and lots of other occasions.

New York magazine noticed his habit more than a year ago, with all the pictures to prove it—many of which are subject to copyright so I can’t post them here. Even though I’m late to the party compared to NY Mag, I’m proud to say that the phrase is now immortalized on Urban Dictionary for you to share as much as you like. 🔵


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