“We’re starting to understand how fragile our democracy is and how easily it can be hijacked. Until we realize that fact it’s going to get much worse.”

When mayhem and murder strike a city there often are heroic voices that rise above the din. Meet Richard Angell.

Angell was dining in a London cafe at Arabica Bar & Kitchen on 3 June when attackers plowed in to pedestrians on London Bridge and started attacking at will with knives. He saw people bloodied around him and victims lying in the street. But he also noticed the heroism of the Arabica wait staff, who took matters into their own hands to protect customers.

“This remarkable young waiter, who probably wasn’t being paid very much, positioned himself next to the door, put his foot behind it and wedged it closed,” he told the UK’s Independent. “A member of staff locked the door. Despite the fact that their lives were at risk, the staff were concerned about our lives, which was a remarkable thing, and I will be going back not only to pay the bill, but also to double the tip.”

Actually, Angell is seeing to it that the wait staff gets a lot more than just a double tip. He’s launched a “Tip London” crowdfunding campaign that will restore staff earnings and also donate to first responders. So far, the campaign has raised just over £3,000 toward a goal of £100,000. From the website:

In addition to the money that goes straight to bar, kitchen and restaurant staff, 15% of all money raised will go to MIND Blue Light – the charity project for mental health support for 999 first responders – and another 15% for the Samaritans – who are providing support for those who need to talk through the trauma they witnessed.

Many folks would count their blessings, say a prayer to whatever being watches over them and go on with their lives. But Richard Angell is making sure that Londoners are being cared for. If you’d like to help, go to the crowdfunding page and chip in.

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American Idol Season 1 grand champion Kelly Clarkson has become somewhat of a go-to gal for National Anthem renditions. Her latest was an epic version for the Nashville Predators that featured her husky belting alto—turning masterful runs like she puts her socks on.

Many performers have trouble executing our anthem (see: Xtina), but Kelly walked out onto the ice like she was about to wait in line at a movie theater.

Which is better: the latest rendition or the one she did for the Super Bowl in 2012?



The Trump administration and the man himself are under investigation and it appears the walls are closing in on all of it—but the more pressing issue right now is how the GOP is crafting an Affordable Care Act replacement behind closed doors. And they’re doing it with no female senators and in the cover of darkness. Watch how Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) is taking them to task.


With all the bizarre and horrible news this week, we *really need a story like this one. In 2012, Marty O’Connor fell down a flight of stairs and was paralyzed. “After I got hurt, I didn’t know which end was up,” O’Connor told his school’s newspaper reporter, Robin Norwood. “I didn’t really have a direction. I was just dedicating myself to physical therapy five days a week. I needed a mental challenge and wanted to add some professional value to myself.”

Marty’s mother, Judy, flew to Southern California to help her son embark on a journey to get his MBA at Chapman University’s Argyros School of Business and Economics. After attending each and every class alongside Marty she was awarded with an honorary MBA herself.

Did the school have to do this? No it didn’t. But based on the presenter getting choked up in the video above, it moved everyone at the ceremony. 🔵

Great thanks to Janet Shamlian for tweeting about this last month. Janet is one of a handful of trusted newsers I keep at the bottom of this blog—to elevate and celebrate exceptional storytellers whom I trust.


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