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The events in Charlottesville over the weekend have produced a flurry of follow-on stories, and not all of them are pretty.

First, the good. A candlelight vigil was held on the lawn in Charlottesville where attendees broke out in to a rendition of “This Little Light of Mine.” I have a link to it at the end of this blog in my weekly “Cure Your Crankies” section.

Heather Heyer’s mother gave a rousing eulogy for her daughter, saying that the white-nationalists “magnified her” message. “What she wanted is achievable.” Watch:


The makers of Tiki Torches had to release a statement—much like Tic Tac did last year—reiterating the obvious that their products are intended for fabulous outdoor gay brunches and other sassy parties only. Also, Head Dingus Total Whiny Bitch Angry Victim Who Shall Not Be Named is super scared that he might be wanted by the poh poh. We’re playing the tiniest of violins.

Perhaps the most strident and defiant reaction to Charlottesville, though, came from our president*—who sounded like a carbon copy of the above aforementioned aggrieved white bitchface who bravely types on his keyboard while snacking on Slim Jims.

Writer’s note: I will not post the video of that hateful, bigoted Trump person—instead, here’s a report from CBS This Morning that talks about the fallout and Pence’s statement of support:

Earlier in the week, I wrote a CY Original on how I split time between Charlottesville and Atlanta—and how C’ville will rise again. I recently had the pleasure of watching VICE News‘ Charlottesville special report by Elle Reeve, and believe me when I tell you: this piece will win a basket of awards. Easy to take some time and watch as the events unfolded in real time:



This is how you move the nation to heal after a tragedy. As of this writing, Trump still hasn’t phoned the mayor of Charlottesville nor Heather Heyer’s mother.


Maxine Waters (D-Ca.) is a powerhouse on Twitter and in the House of Representatives. Her recent exchange in a hearing made “reclaiming my time” famous and has sparked a number of homages to that statement of empowerment. Above is a gospel rendition, which inspired a big surprise on The View:

I’ve reached out to Mykal Kilgore to see if he’d do an interview with me on his process. Meantime, below is a drag queen lip syncing for his life and interpreting Waters in the most awesome of ways.


This is a far cry from tiki torches: The Lawn at University of Virginia was the scene of a peace vigil, and it’s a must-watch. No hate-filled white nationalists are ever gonna extinguish our spirit of love, acceptance and peace. 🔵


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