Reaction to events in Charlottesville were swift and sharp—and actually kinda funny.

As I’ve written here on CrankyYank before, comedians of all stripes are making sure that we’re resisting the Trump agenda and laughing along the way.

Monday was the first chance that late-night comedians could tackle Charlottesville, and used differing styles and delivery. “That was a very depressing weekend,” Conan O’Brien said in his opener. “Never thought I’d say ‘thank god it’s Monday,'”

Here’s the round-up of late-night funny people who were debriefing on Virginia events with the humor and commentary.

1. Conan: “We have to love each other… until a younger, hotter country comes around.”


2. Kimmel: “We went into the weekend wondering if Kim jong Un was gonna start a war, but we came out of it wondering if Donald Trump is cutting eyeholes in his bed sheets.”


3. Meyers. Carrying tiki torches makes it “look like an episode of Survivor where nobody lasts more than 8 hours.”


The most somber and affecting of the bunch was Jimmy Fallon, who thought of his daughters while events in Virginia were unfolding.

4. Fallon. “The fact that it took the president* two days to denounce the events in Charlottesville is shameful.”


While we’re on the subject: we have four white guys in Mon-Fri late-night, and it’s high time we got a woman or a person of color in one of those slots. 🔵


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