Did they have their fingers crossed behind their backs while the other hand rested on bibles?


Politicians are habitual liars—some are just better at it than others. But when you take a solemn oath to uphold the nation’s laws, and then intentionally fail that promise, what are the repercussions? Do you lose your Jesus Card? Does a baby go hungry in Africa? Do they whisked away to jail in ankle cuffs?

In Trump’s mind—who is, let’s face it, the Liar in Chief—they get a promotion and a round of golf at Mar-A-Lago. The rest of us want to hold these bitches accountable. Join me, won’t you? In no particular order, the violators and phony religious nutjobs are:

Paul Ryan. “We’re with Trump,” Ryan told Fox & Friends, Trump’s favorite program when his aides want to babysit Donnie to keep him pacified. Ryan’s statement will 100% come back to haunt him and will be used by Dems in attack ads—particularly next year when the 2018 midterms heat up. Mr. Speaker has clearly aligned both his speakership and the GOP writ large with Donnie, which he will regret. Ryan presided over the Affordable Care Act repeal, with no hearings, official analysis or Dem involvement. He’s also signed off on a tax bill that is a sloppy wet kiss to the richest 1% in our country—despite repeatedly lying about its effect. And that’s just for starters. Blasphemed religion as: Roman Catholic


Mick Mulvaney. This guy, oy. Every person in Cletus’ Cabinet of Horrors has been selected to destroy the agencies they’re sworn to protect (see: Tillerson below), but Mickey takes the cake. He’s in the news this week because Richard Cordray, head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has stepped down. By law it is the deputy director who takes over; Mulvaney instead has stepped in and done a “hiring freeze” and will assume control of the agency unless a court blocks him. (Think of Mickey’s actions as the national version of Michigan’s unconstitutional “Emergency Manager” law that led to the poisoning and deaths of people in Flint.) The president* and Mulvaney are going about this in a way “that’s plainly illegal,” says Lawrence Tribe. Blasphemed religion as: Catholic


Rex Tillerson. Nobody really knows why or how Tillerson got the Secretary of State gig. Donnie reportedly hadn’t even met the FOV (“friend of Vlad”) prior to his nomination—he of course has no prior government experience. He had, however, led Exxon as CEO and been awarded a lifetime membership in the “I’ve given Putin a Handy J and loved it” fan club—and, by the by, is doing all of Putin’s bidding by destroying State from the inside. Of all this “administration’s” offenses this is by far the worst of the worst. “Rexxon” as he’s known is purging hundreds of lifelong public servants from state and is not answering journalists’ questions. Like, at allBlasphemed religion: Protestant

Sarah Huckabee Sanders (and her predecessor, Sean Spicer). Press secretaries are appointed by the president and as such don’t go through the same swearing-in ceremonies. But lying from the podium is still a violation of their religions. And boy hey howdy have there been doozies: like Sanders (who says her one true role model is “god“) when she sparred with Brian Karem about journalists keeping administrations honest. Sanders also lied from the podium about the Trump-Russia indictments: “this is not about Donald Trump; it’s about Hillary Clinton and Fusion GPS.” Oh Sarah Huckleboobie Sandalwood, no no no.


Then there was Spicer—vigorously, petulantly—lying about Orangina Thinskin’s inauguration crowd size. I’ve only covered a handful of whoppers from press secretaries—there have been hundreds of falsehoods and lies told from that sacred podium, and they will always have that mark on whatever they do in the future. Blasphemed religions as: Catholic (Spicer) & Evangelical Christian (Sanders)

There’s disgraced HHS secretary Tom Price, who had to resign due to a chartered-plane scandal (blasphemed religion: Presbyterian)Jeff Session repeatedly lied under oath to congress—for which there has been 0.0% accountability from his GOP pals—and has obfuscated in further questioning (blasphemed religion: Methodist). And then of course there’s Lt. Gen. Michael “Misha” Flynn (national security adviser for a total of 24 days and deeply exposed in Mueller’s Trump-Russia probe), who sits on the board of the most anti-Muslim organization in the country and has repeatedly lied on his official government forms (blasphemed religion: Irish-Catholic).

There are good people of all faiths doing wonderful, god-fearing, positive things in America. These are not them.

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