If you assumed Trump’s losing Election 2020 was the end of GOP’s lying, cheating and stealing I’ve got some lovely beachfront in Siberia.

I’ve been on the Louis DeJoy beat since last May and I’ll give him this: he’s tenacious mobster having resounding success destroying America’s longest-running institution.

CREW (Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington) is out with a new FOIA bombshell that implicates both DeJoy and his Senate GOP handlers. I watched and live-tweeted multiple DeJoy hearings and KNEW he lied under oath (admittedly doing that means nothing now).

‘So help you god?’ Trump & GOP cretins BLATANTLY violate oaths of office—and some laws

But now, thanks to CREW, we have concrete proof.

Based on a memo circulated between Senate GOP and Treasury staffers, DeJoy was behind the slowdowns. From the piece:

The memo—attached to an August 18, 2020 email from Republican Senate staff to a top aide in the Treasury Department—discusses ‘the recent plan put forth by the Postmaster General (PMG) to reduce overtime.’ This statement appears to directly contradict DeJoy’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee in which he insisted ‘I did not direct the elimination or any cutback in overtime.’


DeJoy’s denial was puzzling given the widespread understanding at the time that he personally ordered the overtime cuts. Senator Ron Johnson gave DeJoy credit for the cuts during an August 21 Senate hearing. And as CNN reported last year, a July 2020 USPS directive issued during DeJoy’s tenure ‘directly led to a significant majority of overtime opportunities being eliminated and prevented.’ It’s unclear how this directive ‘could have been implemented without [DeJoy’s] knowledge or approval’ given his role as ‘chief executive over the entire USPS,’ CNN noted.


CREW also states this: “The newly-disclosed memo shows that Republican Senate staff understood DeJoy had in fact ordered the overtime reduction.”

Translation: Senate staffers—and likely some of the senators questioning him—knew DeJoy was lying and DID NOTHING.

Sedition dragnet will end in RICO charges for TFG & GOP [UPDATED]

We’ve adjudicated ZERO percent of DeJoy’s sabotage of a federal agency (a felony, btw); while we’re at it, we need to look at GOP’s organized conspiracy to protect DeJoy and those who installed him from scrutiny. As I’ve said repeatedly here and on Twitter: this is an operation and must be prosecuted like a transnational mafia because that’s what it is.


Your next headline needs to be “When Louis DeJoy succeeds in weakening/destroying USPS the competitor-companies in which he’s invested directly benefit.” Type that up or go home.

Updates as events warrant. 🔴


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3 thoughts

  1. It’s an incredible move by Biden. The USPS has some problems that can’t be solved, like Covid and declining mail volume. The one problem that they have that can be solved is that it is nearly impossible for employees to get fired. Workplace performance has suffered because there is so little incentive. Morale has also suffered. My mail carrier retired early because of this.

    So what does Biden do? He puts a union rep in the leadership of the organization. It’s like Biden is trying to intentionally ratfuck the USPS.

    1. comment careens between some truth and obvious falsehoods so I’ll just say: watch this space. Biden just nominated 3 new board members *specifically* so they can oust Louis DeJoy. also if the head of an organization is intentionally working to destroy the agency he’s “leading” how would that affect morale?


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