*Writer’s Note: I do not write this headline with glee, nor is it an implicit call to violence. This is absolutely NOT the map with crosshairs that a Sarah Palin PAC had up on the internet machine that some say inflamed an angry nutjob to take up arms against Gabby Giffords. The point here is that Donald Trump has violated the Constitution’s Article II so many times that, in my estimation, he’s actively working against America. Furthermore, he’s making truly terrible decisions that are patently designed to help Vladimir Putin and Russia—the same folks that committed Cyber Pearl Harbor in 2016.

Many bad actors headline the panned off-broadway play, “Trump & His Mafia Underlings.” Donald’s EPA director has spent outlandishly on himself while working to destroy clean water and air; his HUD secretary ordered a diamond-encrusted desk that he denies any knowledge of; and his secretary of the interior is plundering land and national parks on behalf of Big Oil.

But all that pales in comparison to the poor choices and shitty judgment of Trump himself. Many of us knew how this tragic stage drama would play out once GOP made the deeply flawed decision to nominate him as its “standard bearer.” (In quotes because Donald has no standards.)

The Iran Deal, at least in the knuckle-dragging fever swamp known as conservative media, was always heresy. “It’s only peace if we say so,” is basically what republicans have said. “Federal debt and deficits don’t matter if it’s us passing a tax cut,” they’re saying. And those same cretins pulled “we know better” shit by writing a 2015 letter directly to Iran’s supreme leader to say “nah man, this deal sucks.”

The L.A. Times‘ was not alone in mainstream media’s mealymouthed synopsis of the GOP’s ridiculous stunt:

Writing letters to the enemy — and Cotton emphatically views Iran as the enemy — is bad form. When Democrats communicate with U.S. adversaries, Republicans complain too. And writing the enemy with the avowed aim of disrupting sensitive negotiations is even worse.

Cletus’ withdrawing from the Iran Deal has enormous business ramifications and horrible consequences for our allies. But for him it accomplishes two things: it negates an accomplishment from That Black Guy Before and, more consequentially, it directly appeases Trump’s boss and gentle lover, Vladimir Putin. Putin wants a weakened West so he can swoop in and plunder more stuff.

Let’s have HuffPo pick up the story from here:

Trump’s move will likely lead toward progress on Vladimir Putin’s two chief goals: splintering the U.S.-led alliance of democratic powers that currently dominates global affairs and fortifying Russia’s alternative network, which includes Iran and its partners across the Middle East. A split between the U.S. and its three most powerful allies — France, Germany and the U.K. — was clear immediately after Trump’s announcement.

Our MAGA hat brothers and sisters will tell you “see? this is how a real statesman operates. peace in the Koreas!” Which of course loosely translates to “he’s not trying to do it while black and a democrat.”

I’m all for deescalating tensions in that region, but Donnie is doing this for ratings—not for a Nobel Peace Prize or any good it might do. (His fellow cult members have petitioned the Nobel Committee that, oh totally, he should get one.)


Every decision he and his buddies makes is antithetical to our values as Americans. As Rachel Maddow reported a few days ago, Melania Trump announced a grammar-challenged “Be Best” campaign to help build kids’ self-esteem while virtually at the same time AG Sessions had already begun ripping infant children from undocumented parents. This is not who we are.

Whatever temporary gain Russia, Trump, Putin, MAGA Kool-aid GOPers and their cheerleaders enjoy now will not last. Like any horrible off-broadway show it’s a limited engagement and everyone will wish they never saw it. 🔵

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