In one corner you have a lawless mafia that must cheat to win; on the other you have a loud group of pissed off voters who are fired up and ready to take this country back.

I’ve thrown up a page full of critical resources for voters in the state of Georgia and around the country that’ll help you vote smart. Whom to follow; where to consume factual news; how to conduct advanced ballot research; checking your voter registration; and much, much more.

We have just over three weeks to build the Blue Tsunami and put congress back in the hands of adults who’ll be an actual check on the Executive Branch; right now we’ve have a loosely collected band of complicit assholes abdicating their duties and trying to throw people off voting rolls.

Bookmark this Midterms 2018 page; e-mail it to a friend; and/or please share on social media. The future of our nation depends on it. 💪


Will Pollocksideways is a perpetually crabby New York City escapee based in Midtown Atlanta. He’s a freelance multimedia journalist, media analyst and author of two books (the award-wining Pizza for Good & Leaving Triscuit), with more on the way.

In 2001, Will earned his Masters from The Medill School of Journalism, graduating with highest honors from the magazine sequence. As permanent member of Journalism’s National Honors Society, he’s been active in monitoring, writing and blogging about media and journalism ever since he graduated.

Obsessed with good storytelling and journalistic excellence, Will uses snark, humor and reason to distill dumb shit and make it fun. He is a seeker/maker of non-consensus news, and cures his crankies by finding the nut in every story.

As for-profit media continues to fail us, it’s more important than ever to find reliable sources. Authentic storytelling exists—you just have to look for it. On this blog you’ll get ideas, not ideology. Sass with class. Reporting with rapport. Evidence with a touch of evil. You get the idea.

Support independent authors, writers, artists, journalists and professionals. Buy a book, leave a review, start a discussion. Show solidarity so that we can achieve greater balance and, in the end, learn more. 

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