Since Mama’s on vacation this week visiting her ailing mother, I decided to be a good liberal helper and summarize the duel between MAGA cult member and area leggy Trump blonde and my favorite rational liberal chat show host, Stephanie Miller.

Donald could be discovered handcuffed to a dead hooker and his cult would gladly explain it away—which is exactly what Tomi Laren did.

What happened to ‘Mexico’s gonna pay for it’?

how’s that going?

Below I pull out some quotes ranging from criminal justice; Trump’s button-penis wall; and the death penalty. Here we go:

Tammy fancies herself as super clever for knowing Beto O’Rourke’s real name is “Robert” which is hilarious. Ted Cruz’s real name is Rafael but what’s that got to do with anything?

“Why are border crossings at an all-time low? There’s not going to be a stupid racist wall,” Mama pleads to Tammy to listen, which she promptly doesn’t. Mama continues:

“What happened to ‘Mexico paying for it’? how’s that going?”

“I’d be glad if Mexico paid for it,” Tammy feebly replied.

Is “Greasy Newsom” Tammy’s idea of… a joke? C’mon lady, do better.

“Justice in this country isn’t black or white—it’s green. that’s what Gov. Newsom is saying. Justice isn’t administered evenly.” Mama is right on the money with that comment. See: all the years of priz that Paulie Walnuts Manafort *didn’t* receive as a person who’s led an “otherwise blameless life.”

“the death penalty is not administered fairly and is biased against people of color and with mental illness.” Mama nails it right there.

Tammy trips on her hair dye bottle: “Trump’s your president and you have to get over it.”

“Well, he wasn’t legitimately elected but we’ll get to that later.”

On the college-payola scandal: “I don’t wanna hear conservatives scream any more about Affirmative Action and ‘some brown kid took my kid’s place.’ No, some rich kid took your kid’s place. That’s not fair to the kids whose spot you took.”

Trying to get Tammy & Mama to agree on stuff at the end of the spot is a neat parlor game but in reality it’s just as hollow as Tammy’s head. 🔵

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