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National-security crises only matter when Democrats are in charge. Remember Benghazi?

In the past few days Adam Schiff, chairman of House Intelligence Committee, has received notice from an Inspector General that an IC (Intelligence Community) whistleblower has witnessed wrongdoing.

They are all following proper protocol while someone—AG* William Barr, another person at DOJ, or others—is refusing to allow that report to reach Schiff as required by law.

We’re currently living through another constitutional crisis piled atop many, many others. But this isn’t the first time Donald has been caught committing illegal/unconstitutional/thoughtless deeds.

  1. Remember translator notes?
  2. Remember Helsinki?
  3. Remember Donald pushing for Russia to get back in G7?
  4. Remember Donald harassing our allies for the same reason?
  5. Remember Oval Office-Russia confab?
  6. Remember security clearances?
  7. Remember Golan Heights?
  8. Remember Khashoggi?
  9. Remember Saudi nukes?
  10. Remember INF treaty?
  11. Remember rejecting U.S. Intel findings? (examples too numerous)
  12. Remember the Chinese agent who sneaked in to MarALago?
  13. Remember Cindy Yang?
  14. Remember that open-air cartoonishly insecure Situation Room?
  15. Remember Donald wanting to turn over a U.S. citizen to the Saudis?
  16. Remember Erik Prince running Afghanistan?
  17. Remember the “incredible offer”?
  18. Remember Paris Accord?
  19. Remember Iran Deal?
  20. Remember how they used Iran Deal as excuse for incompetence?
  21. Remember Jared Kushner being in “Saudi’s pocket”?
  22. Remember disbanding FEC?
  23. Remember saying “meh” to election security?
  24. Remember slow-walking Russian sanctions?
  25. Remember Ukraine aid for defense against Russia?
  26. Remember destroying our State Department?
  27. Remember when 8 members of National Infrastructure Council resigned and called Donald a “threat to homeland security?

Next week I’ll be extrapolating out how Donald’s clear emoluments-clause violations also pose clear-and-present national-security risks. While you wait this Indivisible primer on #TrumpThreatLevel is excellent related reading.

As news breaks of this latest security debacle just remember we’ve had MANY prequels to this dystopian slasher movie. 🇨

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