(This post has updates below including exclusive Time story on sabotage of USPS mailing list)

If we looked at Brooklyn Mob Louis DeJoy’s USPS planning notes from June 2020 what would we find? I’m guessing quite a bit of election fraud.

And even though Tangerine Nixon’s nominating Bible-chucking nutbag to SCOTUS may have knocked Louis DeJoy off the front pages, I’m still on this story.

Just like you can’t visit a tanning salon and order them to lighten your shade of dark brown, the destruction wrought by DeJoy can’t be undone. Sorting machines are already dismantled; logistics intentionally sabotaged; and postal workers demoralized. As such some of these lawsuits—100% of which have been brought by Democratic attorneys general—are simply fixing barn door after horses come home. From Bloomberg’s Erik Larson (emphasis mine):

But the judge pointed to the timing of DeJoy’s ‘transformational’ and long-lasting changes during a global pandemic and in the middle of a fraught election. The judge also cited lawsuits filed by by the Republican National Committee and Trump’s re-election campaign that aimed to block state efforts to bypass the Postal Service by using ballot drop boxes.

Remember when I tried to tell you that exploding USPS and removing ballot drop-boxes were the same operation? Here we have an Obama-appointed judge saying exactly that.

Suing to remove ballot boxes and destroying USPS are the SAME OPERATION

Nearly 80% of sorting-machine destruction occurred in counties where Hillary Clinton won in 2016; DeJoy had help in SURGICALLY targeting those counties. Who assisted him? Why haven’t *they* been subpoenaed? Getting those communications and emails and WhatsApp messages would shed a lot of light on who participated in this criminal scheme. 📪

UPDATE (28 Sept 2020): With a h/t to Eboni Holliday on NextDoor, here’s a new line of sabotage from DeJoy via Eric Lichtblau’s scoop for Time: failing to process nearly 2 million change-of-address requests. From the story‘s lead:

For three weeks in August, as election officials across the country were preparing to send out mail-in ballots to tens of millions of voters, the U.S. Postal Service stopped fully updating a national change of address system that most states use to keep their voter rolls current, according to multiple officials who use the system.

This cannot be an accident or clerical error, based on previous behavior by Brooklyn Mob DeJoy. I’ll reach out to my contact at USPS for comment but I expect to get stonewalled, again.

UPDATE 2 (4 June 2021): Twitter gal pal Sandra tweeted a heat map of counties DeJoy ratf*cked and it’s very helpful to discern the operation. DeJoy’s comms should be subpoenaed to see about planning his surgical attacks on democracy.



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