(this feature has multiple updates below, including a tweet from Melissa Jo Peltier and some further updated reporting)

Before we tackle news of the day—which, to my eye, is a sweeping, transnational conspiracy to loot, destroy and humiliate America—let’s jump back to early-2016 and Brexit.

In February 2016 United Kingdom PM David Cameron inexplicably decided to put a referendum to British people asking if they should leave the EU. (Not enough reporting has been done on how and why Cameron ultimately decided to do that dopey thing, but I digress.) Almost instantly Russian bots seized on “Brexit” and made it their mission to push separation over the finish line.

Brexit narrowly passed a few months later and chaos ensued, which was of course the point.

Why? Because UK leaving EU would hobble America’s greatest ally and help—so they thought—weaken NATO, which KGB-forever Putin loathes with every molecule in his tiny body.

Later that same year, Russia had another, not-unrelated “win” installing Russian apologist and future “Handjob in Helsinki” sex slave donald trump. To be clear all Putin wanted was to delegitimize President Hillary Clinton with no expectation he’d successfully install Tangerine Nixon (with assistance from Jim Comey and New York Times). If “First Illegal” Melania cried on election night, as has been reported, they didn’t even want to win.

Simultaneous to Brexit and The Installation was Kremlin’s co-opting NRA as its plaything. (Note: guns are strictly regulated in Russia.) They sent spies and cash, and cultivated multiple assets to help advance their goal of causing chaos. Not a single Qpub went to FBI to report what Russia was doing—least of all NRA, which greatly benefited from Putin-orchestrated exploitation.

Mafia Don’s insecure man-child ego trip boosted by Russia

Not gonna rehash how fecklessly and disgustingly trump bent-backwards for Putin over four agonizing years since y’all know much of that already. As loyal CrankyYank readers you also know American media relentlessly normalized this entire charade (here, here and here).

Barr tries to bury Mueller report and media asks: ‘Need a shovel?’ [UPDATED]

Cut to today and an armed-hillbilly mob descended on the Capitol, sauntering in like they made a reservation in advance. Five people are dead, including a capitol police officer. Here’s what to keep in mind as investigations/prosecutions come together:

  • tRUmp shit-canned tons of career folks at the Pentagon and installed lackeys
  • Capitol Police had plenty of warning this was happening and turned down help
  • reports are sketchy but it appears Pentagon issued limits on scope of National Guard response
  • items with national-security ramifications were stolen
  • at least a few rioters were of Russian descent
  • BlazeTV asshole photographed Speaker Pelosi’s desktop computer and proudly tweeted his federal felony
  • we’ll eventually learn D.C. insurrectionists planned a lot of this in FB groups
  • tRUmp Crime Family secretary Don Jr. gleefully posted a watch party video set to “Gloria
  • Ginni Thomas, wife of SCOTUS’ Clarence, boosted hillbilly riots like they were her brothers and sisters

Keep in mind that Russian media, according to NYT, aired footage of D.C. riot that evening and set it to orchestral music, as if Tchaikovsky could possibly dignify rioting they inspired. This was the response from many U.S. enemies, and as my source put it:

All signs point to Hillbilly Riot in D.C. as a planned, guided, organized and officially blessed operation. I’m open to being proven wrong, as always, but that’s what the signals are telling me. The day after 1/6 I tweeted that our foreign adversaries (read: terrorist states of Russia, KSA, China and the rest) saw how easy it was for hillbillies to invade and took lots of notes.

Americans make division easy

Just after “Brexit” passed, United Kingdom saw a spike in “what is EU?” searches because they largely didn’t understand what they were doing at the time. Today in America, not nearly enough Americans are asking Google “Why does Russia seek to exploit our divisions rather than just sending bombers?

Because it’s cheaper and Americans make it easy. 😡

UPDATE (4 January 2023): We’re mere days from the anniversary of 1/6 Hillbilly Sedition, which nearly succeeded but for the bumbling idiocy of the architects. In the past few days, my story about Russia’s (for that matter, all transnational-mob states that have infiltrated/sabotaged U.S. elections) rateffing has gained some new traction.

Since I wrote this post, Russia invaded Ukraine and committed bombings, rape, genocide and other atrocities in a sovereign country, sending shockwaves through geopolitics. Many passive countries suddenly were forced to recognize Kremlin-backed terror. The longer time elapses from the initial event, the less likely we’ll be able to investigate why/how Kremlin involved itself with 6 Jan. We owe it to ourselves to find out. If we do nothing, it’s permission to go again in 2024 and beyond. Updates as events warrant.

BREAKING UPDATE 2 (31 Jan 2023): Caught a tweet from Twitter pal Gal Suburban (which was a quote of Insider Films) about Kremlin’s Wagner Group recruiting American soldiers, so I decided it was time to update this post again.

In fact, Wagner Group “doesn’t exist on paper in Russia”—according to sources in this VOA video—which comes in handy when criminal culpability for war crimes needs to be assigned. What follows below is a breakdown of Wagner Group’s recruiting video, in which they use Casino Mobster’s “maga” buzzwords and lots of Nazi imagery. Watch:

Actually, Wagner is using coercion to recruit fighters (threats to family members, etc.) which is contrary to international law. Here’s a brief list of distressed assets Wagner is enlisting/pressuring to fight for them:

The Biden administration designated Wagner Group a “significant Transnational Criminal Organization” and imposed sanctions, which comes alongside congress-critters advancing a bill to officially name Wagner a foreign terrorist.

Putting pressure on Wagner will only make the situation worse in the short term, so watch for more recruiting from the group that, by design, is a ghost terrorist with no paper trail.

Updates as events warrant.



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