(This post has updates below including addition of Publix heiress funding sedition.)

Part of my mission here at CrankyYank HQ is to boil stuff down and spot trends. And I feel like national media’s been dancing around edges of looming scandal: republican officials who participated in sedition should probably start planning their RICO defense now.

One political party with functioning adults (Democrats) will need to investigate the other—demonstrably filled with wrongdoers who have, to varying degrees, coordinated funding and planning of criminal activities. Prosecuting congressional colleagues creates an awkward-but-necessary dynamic from which Democrats should NOT shrink.

D.C. Riots: Reducing America to warring factions has ALWAYS been Russia’s goal

For those playing Coordinated Treason Home Game, quick explainer: Organized Crime Control Act of 1970, RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) allows law enforcement to investigate and prosecute groups of folk engaged in coordinated criminality. RICO has been used to prosecute organized crime, but also Major League Baseball and corrupt poh-poh departments. (Read the RICO wiki page for more.)


In a piece shared by Twitter pal and former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, Reuters reporters Mark Hosenball & Sarah N. Lynch summarize:

The RICO law was crafted to help prosecutors convict top Mafia leaders who ordered others to commit crimes. RICO cases are complex, often take years to develop, and require approval from Justice Department leadership

As has been widely reported, lots of sub-groups like Oathkeepers and others were actively organizing plans for 6 January sedition-bonanza. Many rioters appeared to have ample knowledge about their invaded landscape, which likely required insider help. We still don’t have any further details about members of congress giving tours to seditionistas the day prior to Capitol attack. Not only do visitors leave paper trails in the form of logs but there is likely CCTV footage of their visits, too.

Point of my post is simple: once Biden’s Department of Justice starts peeling sedition onion it’ll reveal MANY additional networked-layers that deserve scrutiny. Setting aside Tangerine Nixon who’s the head of the snake, here’s an incomplete list of seditious-GOP folk who are about to go through some things:

Ginni Thomas

Clarence Thomas

Jack Posobiec & Roger Stone

Lauren Boebert

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Bob & Bekkah Mercer

Republican Attorneys General Association

Josh Hawley & Ted Cruz

Lindsey Graham

Fixed Noise aka SeditionTV™

Since RICO is current in people’s minds—I mean while the iron’s hot—we should also rewind to that sweeping conspiracy to steal 2016 election too. We cannot cosign any of this to history by “moving on.”

Updates as events warrant. As always, if you have information that can help me advance this story please reach out. 🔵

UPDATE: I included Billionaire Anarchy Funders The Mercers but neglected to mention Publix heiress and monied oligarch Julie Jenkins Fancelli shelling out $300k of couch-cushion cash to fund sedition. I’ve also added Lindsey Graham above because he’ll end up being a major link in the RICO chain: why did he turn on a dime as “principled republican” to sniveling sycophant and then later to active-sedition participant? He was blocking AG-designee Merrick Garland probably because he’s frightened by what Garland will make public after he’s confirmed. Given how Graham morphed to *spectacularly* hypocritical political operative we need an audit of his “win” against Jamie Harrison, too.


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