Explaining complex concepts to colicky children requires flashcards.

For hoppin-mad MAGA hillbillies who stormed the capitol with cellphones in their hunting jackets, a short video is our next-best option.

TikTok user and network administrator Clint Thomson posted quick explainer as to why just their mere presence is likely evidence of a crime. He opened his clip noting Capitol has many underground tunnels and needs robust cell service, which means lots of pings of data to carriers.

“Wireless networks probably had bluetooth beaconing turned on and WiFi triangulation,” Thomson says in the video. “Just by being in the vicinity they know where you were and when you were there. And they tracked you through the building.”

He concludes with something that might cause seditious MAGAs to sleep with one eye open.

“They may not have come for you yet —and they may not come for days or months—but once they get through those logs, they’re coming for you.”

My Twitter pal Mystery Solvent is posting lots of fun clips of folks getting dragged around airports, so make sure to follow!

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