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Following a number of news lines today, including impeachment; possible resignation; and how evidence of DC-riot conspiracy is growing. I’ve tweeted from the beginning that D.C. Insurrection felt like sweeping (loosely and poorly) organized operation and we’ve had a number of further developments pointing in that direction.

Also Impeachment 2 of fake-POTUS and Russian-mob asset donald trump is live and active as I type. I’ll pop in news items as I get them, along with a brief explainer.

– Rep. Lloyd Doggett shows how it’s done; as important or MORE important to block the next aspiring tyrant waiting in the wings


– If Liz Cheney isn’t terrible enough for MAGAs that’s all you really need to know about our current hellscape

Gun-fancy Lauren Boebert is gonna be expelled from congress and hope she has a good lawyer

– “I will not be lectured on ‘unity’ by enablers of the most-divisive man to occupy the White House in modern history.”—Gerry Connolly

– Georgia connection to RAGA (republican attorney general association) emerges: GA AG Chris Carr denies knowing about the robo call. Who paid for it? Who approved it? Who did the voiceover? An “internal investigation” will not solve anything.

– Gym Jordan’s tweets are evidence that he’s just still really cool with sedition

– They really can’t keep their messaging straight; sad

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